So here is my cast for my second theoretical Superman film, Superman Strikes.

The returning cast consists of: Chris Pratt as Superman/Clark Kent. Mads Mikkelsen as Lex Luthor. Olivia Munn as Lois Lane. Michael Cera and Powers Boothe as Jimmy Olsen and Perry White. Jonathan Frakes and Jane Seymour as Pa and Ma Kent. Zach Galifianakis as professor Emil Hamilton. Finally, Clancy Brown returning as General Wade Eiling.

For the new antagonists for this movie I would pick Walton Goggins as the Parasite/Rudy Jones. I feel that Goggins is underrated as an actor and is maybe only recently getting some of the credit that he deserves. His performance of Boyd Crowder on Justified showed he knows how to play the villain. Also, Shane Vendrell’s downward spiral on the final season of The Shield illustrates that he can play a character like the Parasite.

To play Metallo/John Corben I would choose actor, wrestler, and self-proclaimed bad, bad man, John Cena.  I can picture Cena playing Corben, the wounded soldier that the military would hoist up as the face of their revolutionary new program. Just as easily, I can see him as the unstoppable killing machine as a modern take on the Schwarzenegger/Terminator archetype. Plus, seeing Cena morph from the do-gooder hero into the villain could be an interesting role for him to play and one his wrestling fans have been clamoring for for years now.

That pretty much wraps it up for the second part of my imaginary Superman trilogy(?), Superman Strikes. My story ideas and casting picks for the third movie will be coming soon. With a fourth chapter following thereafter. After I finish this series of posts, I will move onto other topics and formats of posts. Have had a couple people ask what else I will be writing about here, so just wanted everyone to know that I won’t exclusively be discussing my take on Superman movies. That doesn’t mean that I will necessarily abandon these types of article though. Besides, we haven’t even talked about Batman yet.