Superman Triumphant would be the third movie in my Superman series. Set approximately a year after the events of Superman Strikes. Superman is fully established as the superhero of Metropolis and is now a world figure. At the same time, there are starting to be reports of other super-powered individuals across the country and around the globe.  Feeling that the time is right, Clark proposes to Lois and she accepts. For the moment, everything is right in the world.

Shortly thereafter, a string of child abductions start to occur across Suicide Slum, the impoverished neighborhoods of Metropolis. Superman searches for the children and the Metropolis police force launches its Special Crimes Unit. The unit, formed to handle the super-villain level criminals Superman has been handling solo up until this point, are tasked to finding the missing children in an effort to expedite their rescue. After scouring the city for days, Superman finally finds a lead at a dilapidated amusement park, outside the city of Metropolis. There Superman meets Winslow Schott, the Toyman. The former toy creator/collector has become deranged and starting “collecting” children. He attempts to explain to Superman how he has taken the children in and provided them with better lives, consisting of giving them toys and feeding them copious amounts of candy and treats. The children, dirty and ragged, are obviously being held against their will and are frightened of Schott. Superman, realizing that Schott has become unhinged and is in need of mental help, attempts to explain the reality of the situation to him. Toyman rejects Superman’s version of events and lashes out at him with innocent looking toys that have been transformed into deadly weapons. Superman swiftly carries the children out of harms way of Toyman’s weapons and disarms him. He then proceeds to subdue Toyman, now in a frenzied rage. The Metropolis SCU show up on the scene, to take Schott into custody. Lois and Jimmy Olsen also show up to report on the story. Away from the others, Superman confides in Lois that seeing what Schott has done disturbs him.

Later on, at a press conference, Lex Luthor unveils Lexcorp’s new private security force initiative consisting of former military contractors equipped with armored super suits. They are to be an alternative to Metropolis’ SCU who Luthor claims could not even capture one lone nut who was stealing the children of Metropolis, without Superman’s assistance. Publicly, Lex claims that this new security force is to help ease Superman’s burden of being Metropolis’ primary protector. He even suggests that they will eventually work hand in hand with Superman to protect the citizenry. Superman, aware of Luthor’s involvement with the military program that was weaponizing Kryptonian technology, is wary of Luthor’s motivations. However, he begrudgingly admits to the press that he could always use the help. In reality, Lex sees this new force as the Man of Steel’s replacement and a way to reassert his control over the city.

Later on, Clark and Jimmy Olsen are hanging out and discussing the other superheroes that are starting to appear. Jimmy is starting to become known as a friend of Superman’s but does not realize that his two friends are one and the same. Clark has kept him in the dark in regards to his dual identity to protect him. Jimmy points out that there may be a day when Superman faces a threat that he can’t stop alone, and may need help. Clark, unsure if he agrees with Jimmy’s thought, changes the subject and asks Jimmy if he will be his best man. Excitedly, Jimmy accepts and promises Clark a legendary bachelor party.

As the weeks pass, Schott’s trial goes to court. During the course of the trial, it comes out that Schott had recently come into an inheritance from a previously unknown relative and that is how he was able to purchase the amusement park property. Before more details of that can be revealed, a CSI from the Metropolis police force comes forward to say that SCU detective, Dan Turpin, planted evidence at the crime scene. Turpin, until now an honest cop with a reputation for sometimes skirting the rules of the law, is charged and the case against Schott is thrown out.

Clark Kent, now in the midst of planning for his wedding with Lois, is becoming increasingly distraught with the state of affairs in his life. First, the nature of Schott’s crimes has unnerved him and has made him start to question the nature of mankind. A species, that in the back of his mind, he knows he is ultimately not a part of. Second, the increasing pressure from Luthor in the form of Lexcorp’s private security force. Clark sees the potential of thugs that report to Luthor, running wild over the city. Third, he views the failings of the law in that he believes Turpin is innocent and the Toyman should be locked up. Clark, determined to prove Turpin’s innocence, starts investigating the accusations.

One night when he is returning home, Winslow Schott is confronted by a member of Lexcorp’s security force. The agent starts to question Schott in the alleyway outside his home. Schott, agitated by the questioning, tries to flee. The operative stops him and tosses a rusty shiv at Toyman’s feet. Perplexed, Schott stares at the agent who then proceeds to blast a hole through his chest with the weaponry contained in his suit.

Later on, Clark Kent arrives at the scene. Having hoped to question Schott, he sees the security force member talking to the police while Toyman’s body is carried away. The Lexcorp agent is explaining to the police how he heard a woman scream out while he was on patrol in the area and arrived at the scene to see Toyman threatening a woman and her child. Another officer is getting the woman’s statement. Clark listens to her heartbeat and scans her with his other senses to determine that she is lying.

After the police are satisfied with the Lexcorp agent’s version of events he flies off into the night. He is abruptly halted midair by Superman. Then, Superman proceeds to question him about what has just happened. The agent laughs off Superman’s inquiry and starts to move on. Superman, now seizing him by the arm, repeats his question. The agent, no longer amused with the Man of Steel, informs Superman that he is now assaulting him and proceeds to unleash a barrage a weaponry from his suit. The two go on to fight in the night sky over Metropolis. Eventually, back up arrives in the form of a squad of Lexcorp security agents. Superman continues to fight the increasing numbers and disables their suits as he pushes on. Finally, he realizes that his foes are clearing a path for another member to attack him. He looks up to see a lone agent heading straight for him. In his hand is a dagger formed from a familiar emerald crystal, Kryptonite.

The agent repeatedly slashes at Superman, who is able to avoid some of the strikes, but not all. Distracted by the realization that the agents are herding him, Superman is stabbed by the dagger and goes down, skipping on buildings as he falls. Forcing himself up, Superman flies into where the agents were herding him, Lexcorp tower. Crashing into Lex Luthor’s modern, cavernous office, Superman eventually slams into a wall. Lex, rising from his desk, makes his way over to Superman who is now favoring his side that was pierced by the Kryptonite. Luthor looms over Superman, explaining to him how he alone is Metropolis’s savior, not some alien from a dead world. Superman advances on Luthor who raises his hand to halt him.  Lex calls out and two out of uniform Lexcorp security agents come into the room, with a battered Jimmy Olsen.

Superman, enraged lashes out at Lex. Felled, Lex points to a monitor that shows a fully armored Lexcorp agent hovering over a cruise ship that Jimmy’s parents are on. Luthor proceeds to explain how he arranged for the Olsen’s to win a trip on his cruise line. He also informs Superman how he arranged for the Toyman to come into his inheritance and blackmailed a Metropolis CSI into planting evidence and testifying against Dan Turpin. He even offhandedly remarks about how it was his signal into deep space that originally brought Brainiac and his trove of technology to Earth. While Lex has been talking he has been engaging a battle suit, hidden in a wall in his office, that he then slips into. The suit is an obvious amalgamation of Kryptonian and Braniac’s tech. It is also clearly the prototype that the lesser powered security force suits were based on.

Luthor informs them that he controls all he encounters as he finishes activating the suit. He produces an alien looking gun from his armor and tosses it to Jimmy. Olsen, shocked looks at Luthor and then stares at Superman, looking for guidance. Lex informs Jimmy that the gun is loaded with Kryptonite tipped bullets and that unless he shoots down Superman right then and there, that his security agent will destroy the ship that his parents are on. Everyone aboard will die and their bodies will be lost at sea. Shaken, Jimmy looks at Superman, unsure of what to do. Then he hastily turns and fires at Luthor. The security guards tackle Olsen and start to beat him brutally.

Lex stops them as he realizes, and almost amused that, one of the bullets has grazed his face. Luthor then trudges over to Olsen, his suit’s machinery whirring as he moves. He stares at Jimmy while a whine of his suits weaponry activating can be heard. Jimmy looks up at Luthor and blinks, and Luthor is gone from his sight. Outside, Superman is tearing through the sky with Luthor in his grasp. Finally recovered enough from his injuries, Superman pummels Lex midair over Metropolis. Superman unleashes his heat vision and other powers while Luthor counters with his suit’s own arsenal. Eventually, Luthor opens the power core to his suit to reveal a chunk of Kryptonite, similar to Metallo’s power source. Superman spirals out of control, finally losing his grip on Lex before they hit the ground.

They both collide through a ride as the crash into Toyman’s amusement park outside Metropolis. Continuing to fight, Superman attempts to dismantle Luthor’s suit by piece as they go. Lex continues to bombard Superman with weapons and Kryptonite from his suit. Finally, Superman clutches the Kryptonite in Luthor’s suit and wrenches it loose. Screaming from pain, as the substance burns his flesh, Superman desperately launches it into the sky. Turning his attention back to Lex, enraged, Superman viciously tears apart his battle suit. Grasping Luthor by the throat, Superman flies them both into the sky, sun now dawning. Superman, battered and exhausted, eyes burning red from heat vision barely being kept in check, calmly explains to Lex that he could destroy him now and no one could stop him or ever know, but that he won’t. Luthor defiantly snaps at him that he won’t because he is weak. Superman counters that he won’t because he is stronger than Luthor as he glides down and tosses him to the waiting SCU team that has arrived.

The SCU informs Superman that they have rescued Jimmy Olsen and have taken Lexcorp’s security force into custody. As Luthor is being loaded into a large truck, they mention that Jimmy had a small recording device on him when he was kidnapped that recorded the encounter and Lex’s subsequent confession/ranting. They believe that this evidence will also serve to exonterate Dan Turpin. Superman, tired but hopeful, flies home to Lois.

Later on, Clark stands at the altar with his best man, Jimmy Olsen, still bruised, by his side. Clark notices Jimmy’s parents in the crowd and looks up and smiles as Lois appears in the chapel and proceeds down the aisle.

On the far end of the galaxy, on a hellish nightmare of world, a deformed, sycophant of a man, Desaad, hurries to his master’s side. Stumbling through winding hallways, he clutches a device that was a part of Brainiac that fled Earth after his defeat at the hands of Superman. Desaad, finally reaching his master’s chambers, informs him that they have found a Kryptonian, on a distant, primitive world called Earth. He believes that the world is also home to other beings of power. With this, his master turns to face him as he has now caught the attention of Darkseid.