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So, I’ve decided to add an extra post today because I thought of a great story for April Fool’s Day! Ladies and gentlemen, the story you are about to read is true. The names have been omitted to protect the innocent. By that I mean me, because if the person I am going to tell you about saw that I put her name in here, she would probably kill me. Actually, she still might if she finds I out I put this on the internet! Just to let you know the grave personal risk I am putting myself at to bring you the following.

Several years ago, a group of friends and I were camping to celebrate a friend’s birthday. A few of the group were fishing on a bridge and I was sitting there, hanging out with them. My friend sitting next to me, recently engaged, decided to go wash off her hands and handed her silver engagement ring to me to hold on to. I placed the ring in my shirt pocket and she left.

While she was gone, I enlisted another friend to go retrieve me a small gray pebble. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t move from the spot she left me at, so she wouldn’t have reason to suspect anything. The friend who had gone to get the rock returned and gave it to me. I placed the rock in the same pocket as the ring.

When my first friend returned and sat back down, she asked for the ring back. In one motion, I reached into my shirt pocket and proceeded to nonchalantly toss the rock in the water as if that is what they were for.

I wasn’t sure how much that ring cost (I would later be informed), but that look on her face was priceless you guys. She would later tell me that at the time she had seen that it was a pebble that I had thrown in the water, but I guess the suggestion and possible uncertainty of what I did was too much for her. Having said that, the look of horror on her face was too much and I immediately produced her engagement ring from my pocket and attempted to convince her that the ring was ok.

People ask me “What if you had grabbed the ring by accident?” Duh, I can tell the difference between a rock and a ring. Try it some time and see for yourself. Then chuck whichever one chose into a lake.