For the third movie in my series the returning cast would consist of Chris Pratt of course as Superman/Clark Kent. Olivia Munn as Lois Lane. Michael Cera as Jimmy Olsen. Jonathan Frakes and Jane Seymour as Pa and Ma Kent.

The new villain in this one, Toyman/Winslow Schott, would be played by Patton Oswalt. He has previous voiced a “collector” character on The Batman cartoon. Combining that with his character from Big Fan, and you get a dark and disturbing role that Oswalt could play perfectly.

On the newly formed Metropolis SCU, Maggie Sawyer should be portrayed by Spectre actress, Lea Seydoux. While detective “Terrible” Dan Turpin is brought to life by Ray Winstone.

Jimmy Olsen’s parents should be played by Ed Helms and Kristen Schaal.

The compromised CSI could be played by veteran character actor, Stephen Tobolowsky.

The main Lexcorp security agent that antagonizes Superman could be played by Michael K. Williams. Bulk him up a little and you have someone who could reasonably portray an ex-mercenary who would ably carry out black ops missions for Luthor. The rest of the security team could be filled out with various character actors, stuntmen, and maybe an MMA cameo or two.

Mads Mikkelsen would reprise his role of Lex Luthor as the main antagonist for this story. This would be the real part for Mikkelsen as opposed to being in a limited number of scenes in the previous two films. Finally, having all his plans come to fruition in this storyline gives Mikkelsen a moment to shine when finally confronting the Man of Steel.

From the film’s conclusion, Desaad, minion of Darkseid could be played by Brad Dourif. I see this role as cross between his previous parts as Grima Wormtongue in Lord of the Rings, and Doc Cochran on Deadwood. The sniveling weasel who performs torturous experiments on his victims.

The ruler of Apokolips, Darkseid, would probably be primarily creature effects and cgi. Therefore, an actor who can pull of Darksied’s physical presence isn’t as vital as the voice aspect would be. A commanding, sinister voice would be mandatory for the part. Thankfully, Kevin Grevioux could do both. With a voice that could command the armies of Apokolips, and an imposing physique, he is the ideal choice to play Darkseid. He also has experience playing makeup heavy parts.

That concludes this phase of my theoretical Superman film franchise, Superman Triumphant. My story for the fourth entry will follow soon.