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So here are my Skyfall ideas. This is not meant to be a criticism of the movie, because I love it and it is one of the best James Bond movies made. Rather, this is Skyfall from an alternate universe where I make all the Bond films. Since I am not British and will never get near a 007 movie, I thought I could use this forum to detail my thoughts. BTW, if you haven’t seen Skyfall, you probably don’t want to read this. But, why haven’t you seen Skyfall? That’s ridiculous.

All of this stems from a scene that was in a trailer I saw. At the beginning, when Bond is shot off the train and plummets into the river below. Now this is a massive plunge he takes. It’s easily over 100 feet (I’m sure someone online could correct me with the exact distance). Plus, he has been shot twice and just went through a grueling chase before he falls. With the grounded nature of the movies that has been prevalent since Casino Royale, I expected that there would be an explanation for how he survived later on.

What we got instead was James Bond going all Archer for a while on a beach. Finally, after an indeterminate amount of time he shows back up at MI6. Apparently, they’re totally cool with an agent going AWOL and just showing back up when he pleases.

This is where my version comes in. After the fall leads into the opening credits, we cut right to Bond coming back into the fold. We’re not told how he survived the fall or where he has been until now. Just that’s it’s been awhile and MI6 is in trouble and doesn’t have time to worry about the details right now.

The movie proceeds similarly now where he has to pass his physicals to get back into the field. During his psychological examination, when the doctor says “Skyfall”, something is triggered in Bond. He immediately leaves the room and proceeds to the computer banks. 007 then attaches a device to the data banks. When a guard tries to stop him, he guns him down with an accuracy that we haven’t seen since his accident. Bond then proceeds to attack MI6 from within. Shooting fellow agents and sabotaging the base, Bond wreaks havoc. Coolly working his way through headquarters, leaving a trail of bodies, Bond plants a bomb in the bowel of MI6 and escapes. Rushing outside with purpose, the building erupts behind him.

It is at this time that we discover what happened to Bond in the interim after his fall. Once he fell into the water, Silva’s men moved in and recovered him before Moneypenny had time to reach him. Taking him back to his island, Silva proceeds to torture Bond and brainwash him. Silva does want to use him as his weapon against M and MI6, but he also believes that he is truly helping James. Silva’s own revelation, and subsequent motivation, came as a result of him being tortured by the Chinese. He genuinely thinks that this will help 007 see the light and free him. Since Silva is acquainted with MI6’s techniques and training, he knows how to ultimately break Bond. It is also how he knows to make the trigger word “Skyfall”. He is aware of the testing they will do to Bond when he returns and reasons that since Bond avoids his past, it is a word that he will not hear until then. Leaving the bullet in Bond would also be intentional. Patching him up but wanting for MI6 to recover the unique bullet as a clue to point them to Silva.

During one of the scenes of James being tortured, there would be an opportunity to flash back to previous villains and bond girls. Silva reminding him of his failures. It also plays into the theme of the film as a celebration of 50 years of James Bond movies by bringing up characters that would be problematic to mention otherwise. This could be a way to circumvent the awkward continuity of the movies. A way to have it both ways, something this series loves to do. Especially in Skyfall, with the aging, over-the-hill agent who just had his first mission 2 movies ago and the last one took place right after the first film.

Another aspect of turning Bond against MI6 is that it gives him a different villain to fight after 50 years of movies, himself. Crippling the British secret service also makes him complicit in M’s death later, the loss cutting even deeper now. Now does Bond not only have to thwart Silva’s plans, but he must overcome the programming he has endured.

Finally, James Bond is now wanted by MI6 for slaying his compatriots and traitorous acts. Pursued by his former agency and in all probability other Double O agents. Renounced by his government as an out of control rogue agent and proof that the current British secret service should be dismantled. While fending off these attacks, he simultaneously must ensure M’s safety and demolish Silva’s schemes. For maybe the first time, Bond is also plagued by self-doubt about his effectiveness and the effects of Silva’s control over him. Faced with all this, 007 heads out to triumph for queen and country.