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So, where do I RSVP? Oh, wait. Sorry. I thought this was an invitation to a Spider-Man themed high school homecoming dance, not our introduction to a $100 million movie. Really, this is what we’re going with?  I realize this won’t be on screen for the movie, but c’mon. This is the first of anything we are being shown for Marvel Studios’ solo Spider-Man film. The logo above will be on a slew of merchandise that we will be assaulted with for months.

I would expect this logo to be on the packaging of a Sega Genesis game. Maybe on a coloring book when designers started using the system fonts on their new computers. Not on a movie poster in 2016. I’m a graphic designer in my day job and there are some fonts I avoid like the plague. I don’t know what fonts these are, but they just made the top of my list. This is atrocious.

For the last few years, I’ve tried to avoid the trap of pre-judging a movie before I see it (especially superhero films). But it’s hard not to judge this logo. Don’t give me “But, it arches down like the classic Spider-Man title!” That was a logo hand crafted in the 60’s. This was some designer crapping out a font of a logo that was then probably beat to death by a committee. “What if we made Spider-Man look 3-D?” “It needs to pop more.”

I know I am really excited to see what Marvel does with a Spider-Man movie. Maybe that’s why this feels so underwhelming. Everyone has such high expectations for what they are going to do, that this just feels like “eh”. And I know it’s ridiculous to judge a movie that’s a year away from a first look logo, but it looks like a misstep. Something different was needed here. I feel like I should be picking this up at Target in 1998 to check the back to see if this game will play on my mac.


There, all better.

By the way, does this now count as Spider-Man’s “O” face?