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Today’s post continues the recap of my visit to the 2016 Cape Comic Con in Cape Girardeau, MO. Now, as much fun as going to a con is and seeing all the costumes and celebrities, hanging out with your friends, etc. We all know the real reason we are going, the stuff. For a comic book collector, a convention is the perfect place to find what you seek. These are our hunting grounds. We stalk our prey amongst the longboxes. Scrambling through the herd. Until finally, we claim our prize.

Every year I make out pretty good at Cape. There is always stuff I am looking for and I always find some pretty good deals. Here is what I brought home this year.


No action figures or other ancillary items this year, just comics. On a personal note, I haven’t been purchasing comics on a regular basis now for a couple of years. Since I have decided to start getting back in the game, I used the opportunity of the con to start to fill in some of the gaps in my collection.

The majority of the books I picked up were ones I would normally be getting on a monthly basis. Most of the ones pictured here I found for a dollar each. Protip: cons are a great way to find recent books on the cheap. Store owners looking to offload their over-ordered, unsold titles will schlep them to a con. It’s also handy if your local comic shop misses things on the reg and maybe forgets to pull your titles for you even though you have a pull list that clearly states what you want to purchase. Not that I’d know anyplace like that.

Now, since I haven’t been frequenting any comic shops regularly, I haven’t picked up the new Dark Knight III: The Master Race. See above about over-ordered books. The anticipation for this book and the slew of variant covers led to stores ordering tons of these books. And I’m gonna bet tons is a literal description, not figurative. So now, we are seeing sellers already discounting these issues and the series isn’t even finished yet. I’ll predict ordering goes way down on the final issues, possibly making them harder to come by, but c’mon, it’s a Dark Knight book. Anyone who wants to buy these is going to be able to find them. Knowing that the market would be flooded with these books, I was in no rush to pick them up. However, since I waited until I went to Cape to buy them, I got them for half of the cover price each. Turned out to be a good way to get them and get caught up before the rest of the series ships.

I found the first issue of the admittedly awkward-titled Leaving Megalopolis: Surviving Megalopolis. This is a title I discovered on Comixology. Gail Simone and Jim Calafiore’s “Walking Dead, but with deranged superheroes instead of zombies.” The graphic novel was great and I was excited when I learned they would be following it up with this mini-series. The other cool thing about finding this book was I bought it from a store called Villainous Grounds, a comic/coffee shop in Perryville, MO. A comic shop that is relatively close to me that I didn’t know existed. In addition to back issues, they also had coffee they were selling at their table. Seems like a cool concept that I’m going to have to go check out soon. https://www.facebook.com/Villainous-Grounds-1408960222767591/

Since we were in Cape, my homies and I also made a few other stops while we were in town. The books pictured at the top are the first issue of Superman: Lois & Clark and the Detective Comics tie-in issues of Convergence. (Again, see above about stores over-ordering.) Now I did not pick these up at the con, but at the local Hastings. But guess what? Hastings had a table at the convention. So suck it, I’m counting them as part of my con haul! The Lois & Clark title I have been interested in since I heard about it and wanted to check it out. The book centers around Post-Crisis Superman and Lois Lane, living in the New 52 universe. With the DC Rebirth announcements, this Superman looks to be replacing New 52 Superman. So, I definitely wanted to get caught up on this story. Especially since I am such a fan of this version of the character. Again, I’m pretty sure I paid under cover for these books.

Now you ask, “What’s in the bags?”, like a distraught Brad Pitt at the end of Seven. Well, you’ll have to wait until later in the week to discover what mysteries are contained within…








They’re grab bags. I bought some grab bags at the convention. Gonna talk about them later.