Here are some pictures I took this past weekend at Cape Comic Con in Cape Girardeau, MO. I should preface this by saying that I suck at digital photography. I guess that should just be photography now, since everyone has gone digital with it. Well, I’m a late adopter and that’s just how it’s going to be until I’m making that Bruce Wayne money. Therefore, there are not as many pictures as I thought there was going to be. Also, the quality of these isn’t what I hoped they’d be. You’ve been warned.

DSCN0075Starting off with some cosplay, this Deathstroke looks like he means cosbusiness. Pretty good costume. There’s been a lot more Deathstrokes popping up since Arrow.

DSCN0077They had an art contest this year where kids could draw their own superhero.

DSCN0076I think they had different age groups for the drawings. Since they judged the art on Sunday, and we only attended Saturday, I’m not sure who won. It was nice seeing kids taking part in an art contest. I find it comforting.

DSCN0078More cosplay! Really good Hawkman and Doctor Fate. Seems like I’ve been seeing more Hawks the last several years. I would assume starting with Justice League and Smallville, maybe? Could be there is more resources for those types of costumes. I don’t know. Don’t see too many Doctor Fates around and this one’s pretty good. Like the Jack Kirby fingers on the gloves. Don’t know if that was intentional but I like it.

DSCN0083Up next is a homie-of-a-homie, Nathan Bonner. Nathan was selling his comic and cartoon(!), InDavo. He has been coming to Cape Con for several years now. Check out his site Or check his books out on Amazon, it’s not like you weren’t going there for something anyway. Hook a brother up.

DSCN0081“Who you gonna call?” Don’t roll your eyes at me, Ernie Hudson, that shit’s relevant again!  It’s cool seeing people embrace the new Ghostbusters, considering all the hate that movie’s been getting online. That movie’s going to make all the money. Besides, how do you not get hopeful seeing these two Ghostbuster fans who found each other? If these two fans of 80’s genre-defying horror/comedy movies can make it, we’re all going to be alright, right? Man, I don’t know. I’m making a lot of assumptions here. I didn’t even really talk to them, just asked them for the pic. They could be brother and sister for all I know.

DSCN0080My homie, Mike Noe, selling his stuff at the con for the first time! Even though it’s not in the picture, I promise he had a table of stuff he was hawking. Check him out at  The sign in the background was done by another friend, Tony Phillipe. I don’t know that Tony has a website, so I won’t post one.

DSCN0082Sith Lord!

Can I get real for a minute? I realized this weekend that there is an increasing number of cosplayers at these events, that I don’t know what they hell they are dressing as. Now, I like anime, but I’m not balls-deep in it or anything. So, usually I can tell if someone is dressed as an anime character, even if I don’t know which specific one. However, there is a lot of Game of Thrones/Harry Potter/Some Other Random Bullshit I Don’t Care About, that people are dressing up as. Since I’m nerd from cradle 2 that mothafuggin’ grave, I find it disconcerting. It’s probably a sign that I’m getting older and my culture is leaving me behind. Ugh. Fuckin’ kids.

DSCN0079Yay! Balloons of characters I know! All is better! They had a really good Harley Quinn one that I think must have sold before I took this.

DSCN0084Spider-Man! I really liked this costume. I don’t know what Daniel Bryan back there is looking at. No one is taking a picture of him.

Like I said earlier, not all of my pictures took like I thought they did. One of the tables I wish I would have gotten a pic of is Superhero Jewelry. They make the bitchin’-est rings. Check them out at

Bee Tee Dubs, no one asked me to post their sites on here, I just did it because I like what they do and I genuinely think you should check them out. Hell, some of them probably don’t want to be associated with me or my blog. Come to think of it, I didn’t tell any of the cosplayers I was going to be posting pics of them either. But, c’mon, today that’s kind of a given, right?

That’s it for my pictures from this year’s con. Hopefully, I’ll figure out how to use a camera and have better pics next time.

Tomorrow, more of my trip to Cape Comic Con.