Again, say the title like Brad Pitt standing in a field with Kevin Spacey.

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Today, I will be looking at the second grab bag I picked up at Cape Comic Con in Cape Girardeau, MO.

The second bag I purchased was from another vendor. This lot cost me $5, but had a lot more in it. Here they are:

DSCN0091Again, not great with the digital photography. So sue me, this is free.

Got a couple issues of Critters, an anthropomorphic anthology book. Bummed out because one of them had an ad for Eye of Mongombo, a cool book that never got to finish it’s story.  The other issue has a story by Mike Kazaleh, who I think worked on the 80’s Mighty Mouse cartoon. That has a special place for me since I had a letter published in the Marvel Comic tie-in of that cartoon. May have to do a post on that later.

Then, there’s a pretty beat up issue of Echo of Future Past. Looks like this is an anthology book by Neil Adams’ Continuity Comics. Haven’t heard of this one, but I’m not a big fan of Neal Adams’ work outside of Batman. So, I never got into any Continuity books.

One thing that I thought was interesting about this assortment is that there are two books by Patrick Zircher. An issue of New Warriors that he drew and a copy of Revelations that he also pencilled. I’m a big fan of Mystery Men that he did for Marvel awhile ago and I’ve been following him on Twitter. Now he’s slated to take over Action Comics when Rebirth hits. This will be intriguing to see how his style has developed over the years.

A lot of times my favorite work by an artist is right before they refine their personal style. Where it’s still unformed a little. Like Sam Kieth’s work on Marvel Comics Presents, before he worked on The Maxx. I feel like that reference is really dating me right now. I also had something published in The Maxx one time. Maybe that’s why I thought of it. Have to put that stuff up sometime.

Next is Robotech II: The Sentinels The Malcontent Uprisings. Robotech is something that is right before my time. Therefore, I never got into it. I can usually recognize it if I see it, but I can’t tell you anything about it. Just flipping through this book, the black and white art with gray tones reminds me of early Eastman and Laird Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Mirage.

Aircel’s The Adventurers in next. Here is another title I’ve never heard of. The wonder of the grab bag. A completely arbitrary way of trying new comics. Looks like a typical 80’s independent black and white. Seems to be a pretty standard fantasy book. Not my thing. I noticed that there are no formal credits in this. Just an introduction in the inside front cover explaining that their will be a new artist taking over. Strange for a book published this late. Especially since no one was probably making a ton of money on this. “But, why don’t you just google the comic book and find out who did it?” I hear you  ask. To which: “Well, why don’t you google it if you care so much?” I’m the one who has to read this now and if it’s any good I will.

I also got a copy of Jim Valentino’s Normalman. This was a book he did before his work at Marvel or on Shadowhawk. Wow, who would’ve thought I would do two posts back-to-back that mention Shadowhawk? This is the charmed, nerd life I lead, you guys. Still not as good as the Duck Dodgers episode I watched where Dodgers dreamed he was Samurai Jack and Mako was on there as the voice of Aku. Right after which I watched an episode of Green Hornet where Mako guest-starred and was fighting Bruce Lee. Two parts Mako did probably 30some years apart. Normalman? I’ll read it.

Finishing up this set are an issue of Angel and the Ape and Eek the Cat. Both of these are comics I already own. That’s the dice you roll when you pick up a grab bag. Grab bag is a bitch-goddess. She gives with one hand and takes away with another. Understand? If that reference doesn’t date this article, I don’t know what will.

Always liked the effect on this cover of Angel and the Ape by Phil Foglio. DC’s attempt to reinvent a couple of concepts from the 60’s. Surprised they never tried to do something with this again.

Eek the Cat is a tie-in to the Eek the Cat cartoon. So, it’s a lot like that.

I think that this will wrap up my articles on this year’s Cape Comic Con. If I have any more thoughts on it, I will post them later. I recommend attending, my friends and I always have a good time. Be sure to bookmark their site at and check it out next year.