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The genesis for today’s post came from the following article on Comics Alliance. To Me, My X-Men! The Comics Alliance X-Men Fantasy Draft

I’ve decided to put together my own X-Men team based on the criteria of the article. The structure of the team is probably the most interesting part of it. With that, the group must consist of eight members with the following roles: “Leader, Psi, Muscle, Kid, and Villain. Anyone who has served in any X-Men or Xavier School team in the 616 universe, or who is primarily associated with an X-Men team or the school, is eligible.”

Since all new books are spun out of crossover events now, I will assume that this team would come out of that.
THE CONCEPT: This team would be born out of the events of the massive crossover: X-Tinction LeVel. Following the catastrophic events of X-Week, Magneto makes a public call for peace within the mutant community. Stressing unity with an emphasis on ending all conflicts between mutants. With this in mind, the X-Men offer amnesty within the mutant community and open their doors to all mutants, regardless of their past actions. While this does not necessarily extend to the government, the X-Men are committed to burying the hatchet with foes in a show of unity.
Scott Summers tasks Cable with overseeing a group made up of mutants who have accepted the offer of amnesty and are attempting to walk the straight and narrow.
I realize some of this will stray from the rules set by the Comics Alliance article, but so what? This is my idea.
Also, I’m not up on my x-continuity, so I’m doing things that probably contradict the current status quo.
Cable-Having previously led various X-Teams.  Scott enlists Cable to oversee this team knowing that he can keep them in line and  steer them in the right direction.
Siryn- Banshee’s daughter, Cyclops assigns her to help Cable wrangle the team and reform them.
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Omega Red- The team’s muscle. Plus he fills the ever important “Wolverine” role.
Shadow King- I thought this would be an interesting choice for this role. The rest of the team would always be suspicious as to his true intentions and if he really seeks redemption.
Mystique- I realize that any of these choices could fill this role, but I decided on someone who was a more well-know X-Villain. Plus, her shapeshifting abilities would come in handy for the missions they undertake.
Vanisher- Similar reasons as Mystique above. Practical applications of having a teleporter on the team. Plus, he filled a like role previously in X-Force.
Silver Samurai- I feel like Samurai would be more of an alpha on the team and would constantly be challenging Cable as leader of the group.
Vulcan- Scott puts Gabriel on this team to keep him in line and to help him. Having him on the same team as Siryn would lead to some good conflicts, since he killed her dad, Banshee.
Random- Yeah, that’s right, Random! The character find of 1993! There seems to be enough of a blank slate left around him that you could finally do something interesting with him. Maybe he’ll finally be the “hot” mutant character he was supposed to be when he was introduced.
And this team shall be called
Over time, it would be revealed that the leader of the team is in reality
Stryfe. Having replaced Cable during the events of X-Tinction LeVel, Stryfe now has a team to do his bidding. He has been manipulating the team by taking out rivals that stand in his way. Eventually, the members will have to decide if they will join Stryfe, or if they truly seek redemption and will defeat him.
 Be sure to check out the original article to see their picks. There are some very interesting groups.  http://comicsalliance.com/x-men-fantasy-draft/?trackback=tsmclip