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Welcome to the newest installment of Batman Vs. Where Batman is pitted against various foes in a test of his physical and mental prowess. Here the question is not “Who wins?”, as the answer will always, of course, be the Dark Knight, but rather “how does Batman achieve victory?”



Batman. Dark Knight Detective. Justice Leaguer. Endanger-er of children.


The Sinister Six. Supervillains united by strength in numbers. Foes of the amazing Spider-Man. Regularly defeated by a teenager.


A nondescript dock in New York City at night.


Illegal arms dealers are transporting a cache of super-weapons into New York under cover of night. There to meet this shipment is the Sinister Six! Led by Doctor Octopus, this iteration of the team is rounded out by Electro, Mysterio, Sandman, Vulture, and Rhino. When word reaches the Batman that an experimental weapon store has been smuggled out of Gotham City, he tracks it down to the Big Apple.


Doctor Octopus with Electro at his side, oversee the unloading of the weapons on the dock. The remaining, sinister four, hang back, disinterested and growing increasingly impatient. Suddenly a batarang whizzes by Doc Ock’s head and slices into the crate beside him. Turning, he sees a living shadow hurtling at him from above. Knocked to the ground and the wind knocked out of him, Octopus commands his mechanical appendages too late. Batman has leapt off of him, leaving several glue bombs behind. Detonating, they coat his metal arms with a super-strength gunk that sticks them together and renders them useless.

Electro lunges at Batman, firing bolts of electricity at him. Batman manages to avoid Electro’s bolts, save one. The insulation in his suit saves Batman’s life and the assault only slows him down by seconds. Realizing the danger of this new foe, the Caped Crusader rushes to him, dodging blasts as he goes. Rolling to the villain, Batman leaps up and unleashes a devastating kick to Electro’s chest. Sending him flying off the dock into the water below. A brilliant flash of light followed by a blood-curdling scream are the only clues to the criminal’s fate.

Batman turns back to the dock to see the rest of the team now advancing toward him en mass. Before they can engage him however, the ship’s crew lets loose a hail of bullets on Batman. Flipping out-of-the-way, he sends a handful of batarangs at the arms dealers. Knocking down or disabling all of them but one. Then, Batman fires his grappling gun at the remaining mercenary. Pulling him down, Batman sends him flying into the now approaching Sandman. Startled, Batman witnesses the thug going right through the Sandman while Flint Marko smiling, doesn’t miss a step.

Sandman forms a giant block with his hand and thrusts it at the Dark Knight. Instinctively jumping out-of-the-way, Batman barely avoids the attack. Sandman’s missed attack shatters the dock below. Batman strikes at Sandman with a barrage of miniature explosives that embed themselves in his silicate body. Erupting, the blow out portions of his body and he starts to stumble. Enraged, Marko lashes out at Batman again and again. Meanwhile, he has failed to notice that his blind attacks have weakened the dock below them. Desperately, Sandman swarms onto Batman and envelops him as the section of dock collapses.

After a couple of quiet minutes have passed, the remaining supervillains finally see a grappling hook burst up out of the water and the Batman is drawn out of the muck below by a cord, with a rebreather in his mouth. Landing, Batman flings off the mud-like remains of Marko stuck to him, while Sandman attempts to reform and escape the water.

Looking up for the rest of the crew, Batman is confronted by a hideous tableau of fire, demons, and madness. Quickly, he realizes that this is some form of illusion that he is being subjected to. Reaching for his cowl to activate his night-vision lenses, he is instead hit by the force of a freight train and sent reeling. Still unable to see reality around him, he surmises that the largest member of the gang has assaulted him. Clutching his side, he feels at least two ribs now broken through the searing pain.

Attempting to block out the mirage before him, and the pain in his body, he finally is able to activate his night-vision. Surveying the scene, several of the illusions are still visible to him. Closing his eyes, and blocking out all other sensory information, Batman listens intently to his environment. Eventually, he hears what he has been waiting for, the stampede of the Rhino as he charges back toward his prey. Judging the Rhino’s speed and likely distance from him, Batman finally surges up and onto the back of the villain. Pulling a cord from his utility belt, Batman swings it around Rhino’s throat. Then, he produces another glue bomb and smashes it into Aleksei Sytsevich’s eyes.

Blinded, Rhino lashes out. Still clutching the cord around his enemy, Batman steers Rhino into the largest form of light he sees. Plowing through Mysterio, the illusions Batman has been experiencing fade away. Diving off of Rhino, Batman lands at Mysterio, smashing his dome helmet and lobbing a knockout gas capsule into it. Faltering, Mysterio finally falls to his knees and passes out.

Before Batman has time to find the remaining super-criminal, a series of emerald flechettes embed themselves in the ground next to him, slicing through his cape. Twisting to look skyward, Batman sees the Vulture circling above. Turning, Vulture then dives straight at him. Immediately, Batman fires his grappling gun at Toomes, circling the line around him. Rushing back to the still floundering Rhino, Batman ties the other end of the line to him. Slapping his utility belt to Rhino’s back, Batman detonates his remaining arsenal. The force of the blast sends Rhino hurtling through the wall of a nearby warehouse, with Vulture in tow. Rhino crumbles into the wreckage, worn down by the concussion of the blast and the myriad of restraints, adhesives, etc. he is now engulfed in. Vulture, attempts to slash the line, but is thrown into the roof of the building and is knocked unconscious.

Stopping to catch his breath, Batman is unsettled by a noise he hears coming from behind him. Spinning around, Batman witnesses Dr. Octopus, free of the adhesive that had handicapped his mechanical arms, pulling a device from the now open crate. Otto heaves the device onto his back and it automatically locks into the spine of his metal tendrils. Sprinting to cover the distance between them, Batman looks on as Octopus’ body is transformed. His body now suddenly bursting with muscles, Batman recognizes that Octavius has injected himself with the super-steroid, Venom.

Raging, Doc Ock lashes out at the advancing Batman. His mind dulled by the sudden influence of Venom, his control of his extraneous limbs is not as precise as usual. Now his octopus arms are blunt weapons, not the finely tuned instruments they were designed to be. Avoiding two of the tentacles, Batman is struck by two more and sent hurtling through the air.

Crashing against a wall, Batman weakly tries to rise and stumbles back down. His vision blurred, he looks out and sees a mass that he just realizes must be Dr. Octopus rushing towards him. Knowing that he has a concussion and may pass out soon, Batman dashes underneath Doc Ock and hurries to the weapons crate. Heading back in pursuit, Ock is blasted and knocked back. Unconscious, Ock’s arms flail slightly and then go limp.

Exhausted, Batman lowers the massive gun to his side and props himself up against it. The Toastmaster, a weapon developed by John Henry Irons, better known as Steel, for the military. Later, the guns had found their way into the hands of street gangs and now finally, to the shores of New York.

Surveying the now demolished dock, Batman is confident that the Sinister Six are defeated. Drained, he reaches for a control is his glove to summon his Batwing. Before he can activate it though, his arm is wrenched away from him and he is tossed midair. Enveloped by a foreign substance, Batman is attached to a nearby light post. Now hanging from the post, he examines the gray, sticky material that surrounds him. Suddenly, a weird figure drops from the sky and crawls down the post to him, seemingly supernaturally. The scarlet and blue garbed figure twists towards Batman, looks at him with massive white eyes, and asks “Who are you?”

To be continued when Batman Vs. Spider-Man!