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So, I’m late to the subscription box game. I never found one I was interested in or wasn’t positive that would send me something I already had. When Funko announced their DC Legion of Collectors box, I thought “I buy a lot of DC stuff, I don’t want to get things I already bought.” However, what I didn’t know then was that everything included is 100% exclusive to the box. So that will never happen. That got my interest. After the first box shipped out I looked into it some more. I also discovered that the boxes ship bi-monthly, not monthly, so it’s a little easier to justify the cost. But the first box had already shipped so to get it I would have to scour eBay, to get it, right? Nope. Found out on Twitter that when you order the next box, you can order previous ones that are still available. They know how to reel in a completionist. That’s when I decided to purchase it and waited.


What’s in the boooox? This is what was in the ƒµ©¥!˜µ© box.


THE THEME: This box’s theme is Batman V Superman to coincide with the movie release. Plus, why not start off with DC’s biggest characters?

THE FUNKO POP!: This is probably the main reason to get this for a lot of people. I did see several people on eBay selling the contents of the box minus this. I would gather that these are Funko collectors that want the exclusive that they can only get in this package. It seems strange that the exclusive would be the armored version of Batman from Batman V Superman. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad it is, because it’s a cool Pop!, but you figure this would be mass market since they could probably sell a lot of these. Sidenote, this is the first Funko Pop! I’ve purchased. Before this, I have always been given them as gifts. Although, this is a good one to start with.

THE T-SHIRT: The shirt here is a design for a bout between Superman and Batman, meant to evoke old fight posters. Having the text in Spanish is a nice touch and definitely feels like something that would have changed if they were selling these at Wal-Mart. This is another reason I was excited to order this directly. I couldn’t find any on eBay in the size I wanted. Bigger sizes would be appreciated though for us big fellas.  I’ll probably wear this hanging out around the house, not so much outside. BTW I tweeted Funko that I would gladly pay extra for a larger shirt. Doubt that leads to anything, but at least I said it.

THE COMIC BOOK: Okay, this is a big reason I got this. If you tell me there’s only one way to get a particular Batman comic, I’m going to listen. I’ve done sillier things to get a comic book. Still kind of disappointed that the Batman cereal that was released this year in concert with the movie didn’t come with one, or some cool mail aways stuff.


1989 had that $#√# locked down, son.

Anyway, the comic book is a reprint of Batman/Superman #5 from a few years ago. It comes with a new cover with a Legion of Collectors banner emblazoned on the bottom. The story is about the Toymaster, Hiro Okamura, former Toyman, pre New 52, making a video game that makes duplicates of real people so they can fight Batman or some $#√#. I don’t know you guys, I tried. This was confusing and I read when they introduced this character back in the day. Plus, it turns out that Jimmy Olsen is an investor it the game. Why?

The whole book is drawn sideways for some reason. Normally, I’m okay with that if it serves the story in some purpose, but I don’t know why it would here. It’s not like there’s a bunch of “widescreen” action or anything. It feels like DC decided to do a “Sideways Month” gimmick where all the books were like this, but I don’t remember anything like that. The closest thing I remember is issue 5 of Batman vol. 2 where he’s in the maze and you have to rotate the book to read it, but that’s not related to this.

Another odd thing about this book is they are still referring to Metallo as Metal-Zero. I know Morrison introduced him as that in his run on Action Comics. I always assumed that was a way to explain the name and that eventually it would turn into “Metallo.” Did that not happen in the New 52? Seems weird.

All in all, it seems that there were better options to put in here given the theme of the box. Guess what, Superman and Batman are both in this comic, but they never fight. Now, I understand that DC isn’t going to reprint an entire issue of Dark Knight Returns to include in this. How cool would that have been though for people who just saw the movie, though? Then put an ad in the back to pick up the trade of Dark Knight or something. However, what about the more recent Batman #612 in the Hush story where they fight?


Yeah, no one wants to see that. Again, put an ad for the Hush collection in the back and maybe get a new reader to pick it up. Or, if you want to stick with the New 52, what about Justice League vol. 2 #2?


Just for the cover alone, c’mon. The only reason I could see for these not being added is the perception that this subscription may only be for hardcore DC fans and that they probably already have these. What does that say for the issue that was included then? Still, it comes with a nice new cover.

THE PIN: Enclosed also is a Superman pin. It’s a nice art deco design that is clearly based on Henry Cavill’s Superman. The shield like background makes me surprised that they didn’t go for the obvious “S” shield shape for the pin. The shape of the pin is fine though and shows that maybe they are putting more thought into it than just the obvious. I probably won’t wear this pin, but I have a board I keep them on that this will look good on.

THE PATCH: A patch with Wonder Woman’s logo comes with this shipment. At the bottom it says “Legion of Collectors”, like the comic book. This is the only place where Wonder Woman is represented in the box. Which is kind of a shame because her character was a highlight of the movie. To the point where every maligning review still mentioned how much they liked the Amazonian. Maybe, we’ll get an entire box devoted to her though when her solo movie comes out. Fingers crossed. The inclusion of the patch and pin specifically, give the subscription a sort of old school, fan club vibe. How about putting in a Justice Society secret decoder?


It’s a nice looking patch and I have a jacket I could put it on, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to putting it on. Yes, it is an iron-on patch, but I don’t own an iron, so there!

THE OTHER FUNKO ITEM: With this box you get a Funko Pop! and also a 2-pack of Funko Dorbz. Now, I haven’t heard of Dorbz before. Maybe I just haven’t been paying attention. They are smaller than the Pops!, but if you’re a fan of those, how will you not like these? Exclusive here is a green Superman. Is he supposed to be poisoned by Kryptonite? If so, he sure looks happy about it. Makes about as much sense as him coming with a Kryptonite Ray Emitter.


The Aquaman is blue to evoke a water theme. At least that makes sense. I predict that this will be the cutest version of any merchandise associated with any part Jason Momoa plays.

Overall, I liked the contents of this box quite a bit. I did know what I was getting when I ordered it as the unboxing videos had already been released by then. I like it enough to consider the annual “vigilante” subscription, if for billing ease if nothing else, as opposed to the bi-monthly “sidekick” version. You just know they called them that because no one wants to be the sidekick. As an incentive, there is also a bonus gift for the Vigilante membership. That could be cool. Plus, there’s also the big benefit, like other subscription boxes, of getting something fun in the mail for a change.

As much as I like the movie themes, here’s hoping that in the future we can get some specifically comic oriented themed boxes. Maybe tie into a big event DC is producing. Seems like Rebirth may have been a good opportunity to do that.

With this I received the second box at the same time because of how I ordered them. So next time I will be looking at the DC TV box.