What’s in the Boooox? Legion of Collectors: DCTV


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Welcome to What’s in the Boooox? where I look at a subscription box and see what’s in it. It’s just like an unboxing video, without the audio/visual aspects of it. Today, I am looking at the second Legion of Collectors box. As stated in the previous edition, I ordered this one simultaneously with the Batman V Superman box. However, unlike the BvS box, this one was not spoiled for me before I received it. So it was genuinely a surprise when I opened it for the first time.


What’s in the boooox? This is what was in the ƒµ©¥!˜µ© box.


THE THEME: This box’s theme is DCTV, a celebration of the numerous DC shows currently airing. Now, as it turns out due to recent developments, these are all CW shows also. The contents of this box follow along with the previous one, so I’m assuming this will be the standard for future ones as well.

THE FUNKO POP!: Like always, this is going to be the main impetus for someone to buy this box produced by Funko. Going along with this package’s theme, the exclusive Pop! here is Jay Garrick from the Flash tv show. Like the previous Pop! of Armored Batman, I was surprised that this wasn’t one that would be selling at retail. Jay was a big part of this just finished season of Flash and even with the twists of the story, seems like one fans might want to pick up. As before, the inclusion of it here seems like a big draw for Pop! fans to subscribe to this.


This was part of the campaign by Funko to promote this box. A video and several ads announcing the theme of this one, showed Arrow and Flash Funko Pop!s. I had assumed that meant that there would be a Green Arrow and Flash Pop!s included in this box. Maybe I’m naive about subscription boxes, being new to them. I was not disappointed in the Jay Garrick one that we were given with this, but some clarification would have been helpful. Just the other day, I saw someone online make the same mistake when the video for the next box debuted.

THE T-SHIRT: The shirt here is an Arrow design. I have seen several Arrow shirts online that I have liked, but have not picked any of them up.

Not these Arrow Shirts.

Therefore, this was a welcome addition to the shipment. As before I will state here that I would gladly pay an increased amount if shirts in larger sizes were made available. I will probably continue to state that until it happens.

THE COMIC BOOK:  Once again, the comic book included with this is a big reason I get these boxes. Unlike last time, this book fits with the theme perfectly. This issue reprints Flash 123 the seminal “Flash of Two Worlds” story where the golden age Flash, Jay Garrick, meets the silver age Flash, Barry Allen. Earth 2 and the DC multiverse, for better or worse, premiered in this comic book. Since this was such a huge part of the second season of Flash, this is a great choice to be included. My only critique of the comic is the cover. It’s obviously a stock photo created as marketing for the Flash tv show. However, when Jay Garrick debuted on the show, they released the following image.


If they are just using marketing images, why not use this one? It mirrors the original cover of Flash 123 and is totally appropriate for this reprint. Slap a “Legion of Collectors” banner on the bottom and be done with it. The inside front cover features the original cover already, so printing this on the front cover would have created a nice “mirror” to the original.

Personal note, in my copy several pages of the interior were torn in the middle. Obviously, this was a mistake that happened at the printers and not when it was packaged or shipped. Though, as I’ve learned the hard way over the years, that’s what happens when you buy a comic that you can’t see in person.

THE PIN: Included here is a pin featuring the Atom. This is obviously the version of the Atom from Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. I’m a little disappointed that this is the only representation of the Legends of Tomorrow show in here. Maybe a future box? Despite that, this is a nice pin. Even through the simplified art, this is sort of recognizable as the actor portraying him, Brandon Routh. Like the first pin, the actor’s likeness comes across and this is another pin that has a Superman connection, at least tangentially, since Routh played the Man of Steel in Superman Returns. I’m not really a pin guy, so this probably won’t get much wear, but I have a cork board I put pins and buttons on, so it will look good displayed there.

THE PATCH: The patch for this box is the Supergirl logo with a “Legion of Collectors” banner on it. It also has a label on it so you know it’s Supergirl’s emblem. I realize that some people would probably get this confused with the Superman logo, even though it has the yellow trim around the red instead of the yellow background. However, when I see superhero merchandise with the character’s name on it, it reminds me of those old, crappy Halloween costumes.

Vintage-Halloween-Costumes copy

We’ve come a long way?

THE OTHER FUNKO ITEM: With this box you get a Funko Pop! and also a Supergirl Rock Candy. Now, I’m not familiar with Rock Candies, they seem to be a new line. Like the Dorbz in the last box, this seems to fit stylistically with Funko Pop!s. It seems like they would share the same aisle as Pop!s in the store.

This Supergirl seems to be a repaint of one that is being made for the mass market. Here we have one that is painted to resemble the Melissa Benoist Supergirl from the tv show. But, if you want this one, you have to get the Legion of Collectors box, so I’m fine with that as that still makes this figure exclusive. I can’t picture purchasing any more of the Rock Candy line, but I will put this on my shelf with the other Funko items I own. I’m sure there are other Funko fans out there that will like these and seek them out.

In general, I liked the items included here. They were a surprise for me this time so that was fun. Plus, just getting something fun in the mail is a nice change of pace. My only real complaint about this is what wasn’t included. DC has several shows airing now. There is nothing for Gotham, or I, Zombie, and the case could be made that DC’s Legends of Tomorrow isn’t represented either. Knowing that there will future boxes though, leads me to believe that there could be ones that feature these shows. Of the ones included though, they all at least fit together tonally. Flash and Arrow occupy the same continuity, and Flash has crossed over with Supergirl. With the Supergirl show coming to CW for its second season, it’s reasonable that it will also be folded into the same world.

Funko has already announced the theme of the next box. So next time I will be looking at the Legions of Collectors: Suicide Squad box.


Spoiler: he will not be in it.


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