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Continuing my look at the second week of releases from DC’s Rebirth, is today’s Action Comics #957


As with Detective Comics (featured in last Friday’s post), I am thrilled that DC returned Action to its original numbering.

The issue starts with a robbery at a scientific lab. Then a superpowered individual shows up to thwart the crime. This is of course, everyone’s favorite hero and champion of Metropolis, Lex Luthor. Luthor is wearing a “super” suit and claims that he will fill the role left vacant by the now deceased New 52 Superman.  I’m like 90% sure Luthor is in this suit so that DC can make an action figure of it in 6 months. It better have a light up “S” if they’re going to do that though.

Luthor’s introduction here reminded me of Superman’s introduction in costume in Kingdom Come.

I’m not sure if that was intentional on artist Patrick Zircher’s part. There have been thousands of Superman comics so of course this could be a coincidence, but this is what I thought.

Media coverage of this event reaches the “White” household, a.k.a. Lois and Clark from the Post-Crisis universe. After working in secret for years, Superman decides he can’t stand by and let Lex ruin the reputation of New 52 Superman.

He immediately heads to the bathroom and heat-visions his beard off. Here it looks like a shard of mirror that he uses, but originally it was a piece of the ship that brought him from Krypton. It seems like that changes depending on the creative team, but I thought it being from the ship made it more unique and special. Plus, why would he keep a broken piece of mirror around when he could just use the bathroom mirror?

The next page is Superman flying off, determined, with his family’s farmhouse below. Again, I am reminded of another classic Superman page.


This one is even further off than the Luthor page, but to me it evokes this classic scene and this particular version of the character. Thematically, it works as a rebirth of this character.

Now, I’m not saying Zircher is “ripping off” anybody. Let’s be clear. If anything, he is referencing iconic Superman moments and playing them off against this story. Also, this could just be me reading too much into this after reading what anyone would describe as “too many” comic books.

Superman confronts Luthor publicly and lets him know what’s up. They get into a fight with Luthor unleashing the capabilities of his new super-suit. Throughout the battle, Luthor persists that PC Superman, is not the “real” (New 52) Superman.

Then, Clark Kent shows up.

This doesn’t seem to be a super-powered being, but just a normal Clark Kent. There is no explanation as to how Clark is here. After being outed, everyone knows that Kent is Superman and therefore is dead. With like, 5 panels of an appearance, I’m not sure what is going on with Clark. If I got to pick, this would be a resurrected, powerless New 52 Superman who gets to live a normal life while PC Superman takes over as protector. This could be a hero’s story that gets a happy ending.

Meanwhile, the thieves from the beginning are having trouble with the coffin that they stole. The craft they are flying with it on explodes and something “KRAMM”s to the ground. The final page reveals Doomsday in his containment suit from his original appearance.

Overall, I really liked this book. I like the team on this and the story brought up a lot of intriguing elements. Luthor is sure to be sticking around in his super-suit. They have been promoting that too much for it to just be in this one issue. It should be interesting to see how he and Superman co-exist in Metropolis. What’s the deal with Clark Kent showing up? It’s not going to be what I detailed earlier, so it better be good. Is Doomsday showing up still a good cliffhanger or am I just old? Either way, I liked it.

A relaunch is always a good time to pick up Superman comics so I will probably keep picking up Action Comics.