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Today I am closing out the second week of DC Rebirth releases with Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1.


Honestly, this is probably the biggest disappointment for me so far with Rebirth. The crux of this issue seems to be backtracking on Wonder Woman’s origin to presumably the original version. Greg Rucka comes back to pen the story of Wonder Woman again in what I thought was an odd move from the jump.

If Rebirth is about reinventing these characters and moving forward, this issue is the antithesis of that. Brian Azzarello’s recent run on Wonder Woman established that Diana was the daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus. This run was met with critical acclaim and grew a fanbase. However, this revision of Diana’s story was divisive to some long-time fans.

Now, with Rucka, a writer who worked on the book 10 plus years ago, is changing it. Rucka coming back and altering this is the equivalent of a kid taking his ball and going home. This is the kind of crap that infuriates me when a new creative team comes onto a book that I have been reading for years. When teams change as frequently as they do now, there is so much back and forth that you start to not care about the book anymore.

The worst is that at the core of it is the attitude of “that’s dumb, I don’t want to do that!” It’s petulant and selfish. If someone is supposed to be “creative”, try being creative enough to work with what you’ve been given. Ask Geoff Johns how that’s worked out for him. Look at how many successful books he’s created and his position in the company now.

I like Rucka, I stood in line to meet him at a convention, and he wrote one of my favorite Batman stories. This move, though, makes me question if he should have come back to DC or at least this character. Why do I want to return to a status quo presumably resembling what he was doing a decade ago? Time to move on. These characters aren’t stagnant and their adventures shouldn’t be either.

Maybe that’s not the direction this series is going, but I’m not going to stick around to find out.

And remember, only Jack Kirby can judge me now.