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With this post I start looking at the releases of the third week of DC Rebirth. First up, is Titans: Rebirth #1.


I was interested to pick this up to see where Wally’s story went after DC Universe: Rebirth #1 reintroduced him. Initially, I wasn’t crazy about his new costume. tnsreb-1-06-07-600-185145It’s not close enough to the “Flash” suit that he wore for like 20 years. Visually, it looks like a demotion. I understand that establishing a “hierarchy” with the uniforms worn by the Flash family is an effective way to distinguish them and show their place in relation to Barry. I wish it were closer to his original Kid Flash suit or a reverse of New 52 Wally’s outfit. Now, I haven’t been keeping up with New 52 Flash, so there could be a “Reverse Kid Flash” I don’t know about, so maybe that’s not feasible. I just think that it would be a good way to tie them together visually and help to establish a relationship between the “Wallys.”

Over the course of this issue though, his new speed force woven threads started to grow on me. Part of it is simply having Wally back. DC is buying a lot of goodwill with me by bringing him back.

This issue starts with a flashback of the New(?) Teen Titans posing for a photo and Wally setting up the camera and then running to be in the picture. Every Flash must be required to do this when they join a group. I feel like we’ve seen every one of them do this over the years. Cut to the Rebirth present with Wally looking at the photo that he has now been erased from Marty McFly style.

Wally is then confronted by Nightwing who attacks him even though Wally knows his real name. Instinctively, Wally zaps Nightwing with some lightning and Dick remembers him. Then the rest of the Titans show up. Donna Troy, Aqualad, Roy, and Lilith all try to stop Wally. Eventually he realizes that he has to zap them with the lightning to restore their memories of him.

Once they all calm down, Wally explains what has happened to him and about the missing time established in DC Universe: Rebirth #1. The Titans suspect Mister Twister (I assume first name Titty) of being behind this plot. If the theory holds that the Watchmen characters have assumed new identities in the DC universe, this could be one of them. Dr. Manhattan maybe? An alternate theory is that Mister Twister could also be a disgruntled Dairy Queen employee who has teamed up with the Peanut Buster to rain a blizzard of chaos upon the multiverse. It’s a dumb name from the 60s is my point.

At the end, the Titans are determined to save the day and Wally holds up the picture from the beginning that has been restored to show him.

I haven’t picked up Teen Titans since Geoff Johns’ run and just a “Titans” book, never if not associated with a crossover. Reestablishing Wally and sort of bringing back the New Teen Titans team may be the way to do it though. Giving Roy that costume with a backwards cap and dumb-ass visor though, is not the way to get my dollar. It looks like the restructuring of the universe brought his fashion sense from the 90s.

Although I would be more interested in a Wally solo book, if this is how I get my fix I may have to pick it up. That seems like it would be a slight to fans who want to see a Titans team book so I doubt Wally will remain the focus like he is in this issue. It’ll be interesting to see where the go after this.

Again, if you don’t like what I have to say, don’t worry, because only Jack Kirby can judge me.