Today, I am detailing my thoughts on the new Green Arrow #1.


Ugh. This is why I don’t typically pick up GA on the reg. Arrow and Black Canary are investigating the homeless kidnappings from Green Arrow: Rebirth. We find out these guys are called the Underground Men. Cool name. A character called Emi shows up. I don’t know this character and don’t know where she came from here. She just shows up at the fight. Turns out she’s Ollie’s sister who has been staying with him. Seems like something that should have come up in the Rebirth special. After they clean up the scene, GA pays off the local cops and an employee to get the info he needs. Black Canary chastises him for his methods, but is not put off enough to not sleep with him later. After a tour of the city showing Canary Queen’s numerous charitable enterprises, she still criticizes him and leaves him hanging.

Oliver goes to his company to investigate why the homeless were being loaded into a Queen Industries shipping container. Turns out the one guy in the company who Ollie regards as a father figure, is the one behind it all! Duh Duh Duuuuuhhh! He’s the wearer of the stupid arrowhead/skull mask. He then ominously calls in a hit on Ollie as lightning strikes behind him. NO shit. Home, Ollie is attacked in a hail of arrows by Shado and then finally in the back by Emi. Emi stands next to Shado caller her “mother.” Duh Duh Duh Duuuuuhhhh!!!!

Oh yeah, there’s also a secret, mask wearing bad guy society who looks like GA’s knockoff Court of Owls.

I could not care less about this book right now. And I’m a fan of the Arrow show and Green Arrow when he’s done right.

I am done with this book.