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Wrapping up the third week of DC Rebirth releases today with Green Lanterns #1.


The story starts off pretty strong with Lanterns Cruz and Baz being called to a disturbance by their rings. Treating them like cops being called to a crime scene is a great idea. This enforces them as being “space cops” and helps differentiate them from other superhero books.

As much as I liked the first few pages, it falls apart for me pretty quickly. At the scene of the crime it is revealed that the Red Lanterns are to blame. Sigh. Just when I thought we were going to get something different with a new Green Lantern book, we’re back to the same old “rainbow war” of Geoff Johns’ run.

The majority of the Green Lantern Corps has been called off to space to fight some menace. This is why these two Lanterns have been assigned to protect Earth. I was really looking forward to some new terrestrial threats for them to face. Instead, we get Atrocitus going on about some scheme called “Red Dawn.” Yeah, that worked out great for the Russians. Way to go Atrocitus.

Later, we are given scenes of our protagonists in their everyday lives. Cruz, out shopping with her sister, struggles with her agoraphobia. Hold on, I thought the only requirement of a GL was that they could overcome fear. I get that they are trying to show someone who suffers from this in a positive light, and that maybe she’ll eradicate this fear within her and save the day. However, if someone was afflicted with this, why would the ring choose them in the first place? Wouldn’t that inhibit her ability to use the power ring?

Then we are shown Baz at home dealing with his government handler. Did you know that he was Muslim? I did. They bring it up like 4 times an issue with him. I get it. When they keep bringing up these character traits for the GLs, it makes them feel one note. I’m concerned we’re going to look back on these characters someday like we now look back on GL supporting character Tom “Pieface” Kalmaku.

I feel like this book had a lot of potential, and was looking forward to reading some new types of Green Lantern stories, but apparently that’s not the case. Hopefully, there will be something better in Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps.

As always, only Jack Kirby can judge me.