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So today, I thought I would write about how I came to do this blog in the first place. Maybe this should have been the first post, but like a golden-age origin, I am finally revealing who I am and how I came to be!

Part of the reason I haven’t addressed this before is that it hasn’t really lined up with the focus of my writings here. For the most part, I have centered around comic book based topics. This is a big part of my life and I knew that would come to be a major part of what I’m doing here. Originally, the idea was to discuss anything I wanted to. Unsurprisingly, I want to talk about comics a lot.

What lead to me doing this though, is Mystery Science Theater 3000.


I was a huge fan of this show growing up, and continue to watch it just about every day now. Late last year, the creator of the show, Joel Hodgson, and the show’s new owners, Shout, held a Kickstarter to fund a new version. I was so excited and it became the first time I backed a crowdfunding project.

During the course of the Kickstarter, they ran a marathon of episodes on YouTube. Years ago, after the original show was cancelled on Comedy Central, it was revived on the then Sci-Fi Channel. Before Sci-Fi premiered the show they ran something called MST3K: The Home Game. They aired an old movie, and viewers logged into a chat room (google it) and typed out their comments on the film. Then, the comments were broadcast along with the show.

I thought this was  a really cool idea and a good way to interact with the show. However, I was not able to participate in this originally. Back to the present and the marathon on YouTube. It occurred to me that people on social media would be commenting on the shows a la the Home Game. Typically, I shun most social media outlets, but the opportunity to play along at home with classic episodes was too much for me to resist.

I set up an account on Twitter and tweeted along with others watching the show. It was so much fun. Quickly, I realized how great an outlet Twitter is for being a smartass! Thereby, making it the perfect forum for me.

Eventually, I realized that people tweet along with other tv shows. Now, on a pretty regular basis, I tweet along with Svengoolie and some other shows on MeTv on Saturday nights. The only drawback for me is the 140 character limit the app has.

A friend of mine who writes, was telling me about his blog and his various authorly pursuits online. Check them out at https://almostaverageblog.wordpress.com/

It occurred to me that a blog would be an appropriate venue for thoughts that were more fleshed out or not as disposable. So, here I am. When I fall down a rabbit hole of an idea, I can bring it here now. Such as the introductory articles detailing my ideas for a Superman movie franchise. Those were way too big for Twitter.

Now, even though comic books will continue to be the majority of what I discuss here, I hope to broaden the spectrum here. 10 years of Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a well of ideas for me. Especially when the new show debuts later this year. Other topics will spring up when they occur. I don’t want producing this to become a chore and I certainly don’t want reading it to be.

Until next time, only Joel Hodgson can judge me.