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This is a logo I did for a jersey me and some friends were going to do.  We never did end up making the jerseys, but I liked this design. The idea was to do a sports mascot style logo of Hordak that we were going to put on hockey jerseys. I looked at a lot of sports mascots to get the look. I had my old action figure at my desk when I was working on it. I tried to incorporate elements from the toy and how he appeared on the old cartoons. Later, I thought about doing Skeletor and King Hiss versions, but never did.

While I was looking for this I came across my original sketch for this design:


Originally, I think I was going to put a diamond shape around his head, but felt that the collar made a better border for the design.

Here’s hoping we get a Masters of the Universe film trilogy that ends with He-Man fighting Hordak.