Welcome to What’s in the Boooox? where I look at a subscription box and see what’s in it. It’s just like an unboxing video, without the audio/visual aspects of it. Today, I am looking at the third Legion of Collectors box. Luckily, I was able to avoid spoilers with this installment, so everything I received was a genuine surprise!

What’s in the boooox? This is what was in the ƒµ©¥!˜µ© box.

 THE THEME: So, the theme of this month’s box is the Suicide Squad. Naturally, timed to coincide with next month’s release of the Suicide Squad feature film. Again, another box tied in to a media project. I’ve still got my fingers crossed for a box that features comic book related product. Hopefully, the next box will make this dream a reality. I understand the realities of selling these and the numbers movie and other projects bring in with the populace at large. Having said that, I totally want a Wonder Woman-centric box when that movie comes out.

Before I get too far into it here, there is a new item in this one. A large card is included that announces the theme of the next box, and features info on the contents of this one on the back. This helps to answer some of my questions about this Legion of Collectors offering.

THE FUNKO POP!: Here’s the money-maker! This is a Funko produced package, so here is your Funko Pop! Enchantress is the Pop! of this theme. She is wearing a gold outfit, that I don’t think is the one from the trailers, but I could be wrong about that. It would seem like this is a variant, since she is the supposed “villain” of the movie, and surely a version would be available at mass market. Maybe I’m wrong though, since it doesn’t look like there is a Slipknot available. How about that? A minor villain NO ONE cares about. Doesn’t seem like he’s in the trailers too much either, huh? I wonder why.


This is why.

Enchantress is the first villain Pop! included in these boxes. She’s also the first one I’m not excited about getting. She is a Z-list DC villain and I was surprised she was even in the movie. She doesn’t even make “lamest DC villains” lists on the internet. Admittedly, they have changed her look quite a bit from her original Suicide Squad costume of the 80s.


According to the card, she is only available here. On the back of her package, there are 3 different versions of Harley Quinn and the Joker. This is surprise to nobody since these beloved characters seem to be the backbone of this movie and so many people will buy all the Harley merchandise they can get right now. Looks like store shelves may be too small for Enchantress right now. Kind of wish this box was too though. I suppose completionists will be happy.

Back to the card, it states that originally there was to be a Joker variation packed in this. Thank God they didn’t do that! I wouldn’t want a Joker next to my Armored Batman on my shelf or anything. Certainly, I wouldn’t want one of DC’s most popular villains. Thankfully, the say that the Empire cover featuring Enchantress swayed them and they decided to insert this “popular character” here.


She looks like she’s from an early Mirage TMNT comic book.

The only thing notable about Enchantress being involved with this entire movie is that DC is somehow beating Marvel to having their live action Enchantress first.

THE T-SHIRT: Funko style Suicide Squad t-shirt! This is a pretty cool idea that I’m surprised they didn’t do in the previous outings. I liked those shirts, but this seems to be a good way to show that these shirts are exclusive and good branding for Funko. The card shows another design they worked on for the shirt that would have been just as good.

My only complaint of the shirt is what it’s been and will continue to be, I’m a big guy and I want a big shirt. Funko, I will pay extra for this. Give me the option.

THE COMIC BOOK: Pop!s are big reason for most people to subscribe to this, but the comic books are such a big part of this to me. Tell me that there is a DC comic that I can’t get and you might as well be giving me crack. Not that I use crack, it’s just an analogy. Here the comic is a reprint of Suicide Squad #1 from 1987 by John Ostrander, Luke McDonnell, and Karl “I believe it’s pronounced like weasel” Kesel. Either that or he’s on the run from Han Solo. So fans of Copra will be P.U.M.P.E.D.

This is from the still critically acclaimed run of the book in the 80s-90s. Even though I’ve read precious little from this volume, there are still fans of it today. Surprisingly, this is not the version of the team being featured in the movie, nor the current run of the book. Maybe DC learned from the misstep of the Free Comic Book Day giveaway. I’m fine with these books going a little deeper, but will the people getting these boxes be cool with it?

The variant cover ties it into the Suicide Squad movie a little more though by featuring a Pop! version of Harley Quinn. A character who hadn’t even been created yet when this book originally came out and therefore isn’t in it, bee tee dubs. It’s a cool cover, but what stands out to me is the Jerry Robinson style Joker cards she’s holding.


Robinson drew this when creating the character. For me this is “the” Joker card. I don’t want to see any other version of this pertaining to the Joker. I know that probably sounds weird, but that’s how I feel. Whenever I see a Joker card in Batman I am pumped/bummed depending on whether or not they use this one. The only exception to this that I can think of is in the end of Batman Begins when Batman turns over the joker card, but c’mon, that was awesome! Plus it would have been to on the nose for the world Nolan and co. were creating.

Towards the back of the comic are ads for Suicide Squad and Harley Quinn trades and the movie. The back cover features the same art from the front of the card announcing the next theme. All of this makes sense and will hopefully lead people to some new stuff.

THE PIN: Never thought I would have a Will Smith pin. Now, the Deadshot pin included has his mask on, but it’s obviously the Will Smith version from the film. He’s got the full mask on ’cause, c’mon, their not going to pay the Fresh Prince likeness rights. The top of the pin reminds me of a Wanted poster. Seems like a missed opportunity there.

I can’t tell you guys how happy I am that we have seemingly dodged the bullet of “Deadshot” doing a tie-in rap song to this movie. At least Stevie Wonder won’t be left out on stage again though, right?

(Ok, so on the 1999 MTV Movie Awards, Smith and “hey, remember” Dru Hill performed Wild Wild West, a song tying in to the movie of the same name that Smith starred it. During the performance, Stevie Wonder came out! A platform moved onto the stage with Stevie and his piano. At the end of the song, Smith and the collective Dru Hill all felt that their egos were too important to help out the legendary performer who somehow agreed to play with them. They all made their “impressive” exits while Wonder was left onstage by himself on his platform. I think it was Will Smith who finally ran back out to help Stevie off the stage. I can only assume someone backstage was screaming at Smith to go get him. Now, I was going to post a link to YouTube of this, but guess what? It’s not on there. You can watch the performance if you want to (you don’t), but they all cut off before Stevie is left stranded. Why can’t I find this? Probably because MTV is a bag of revisionist history dicks. And if you somehow don’t know what the problem is of leaving Stevie Wonder on his own, you disgust me and need to learn how to Google.)

THE PATCH: Continuing the patches featuring ladies, this one is of Katana. Featuring her mask and katana. The Suicide Squad logo is also on there. Looks like that was probably a bitch to embroider on there. It also has some Japanese(?) writing on it. Hopefully it doesn’t say “Stupid White Guy”. I am interested to see Katana in a movie. We’ve gotten the character already in Arrow, but I want to see that sword suck up somebody’s soul with a movie budget!

THE OTHER FUNKO ITEM: New to this box are two 3.75″ action figures of Harley Quinn and the Joker in the style of the movie. The card says that they are a new series that will be exclusive to the Legion of Collectors. To me, they sure look a lot like ReAction figures. They’re more detailed and seem to have more articulation, but I’m not really sure why they aren’t considered part of the line. There doesn’t seem to be any branding beyond “Suicide Squad” so I don’t know what the name of this line will be. Perhaps just the Legion of Collectors action figures.

These figures look really good in their packages. Typically, I don’t keep anything in the box it comes in. I would be tempted to display these like that, but the cardbacks were damaged in the box. Not a big deal for me, but I’m sure there are some collectors amongst this legion that want mint cards.

Again, the card that came with the shipment gives some more detail on these figures. Originally, the plan was for four figures with each box getting two. Joker was supposed to be a chase variant. You have to be shitting me. If Funko decides to start doing variants within these boxes I will be so pissed. Like seeing-red-and-hearing-klaxons-going-off-in-my-head-like-in-Kill-Bill mad. If they did that I would consider cancelling my subscription. DON’T DO IT, FUNKO. Thankfully, they didn’t.

All in all, I liked this box, but it’s my least favorite so far. Maybe because it’s villain heavy. Maybe because I got an Enchantress Funko Pop! I’m not disappointed that I bought this, but I want a better one next time. I really enjoyed the first two so I guess my expectations were high for this. The card is a neat addition that gives context to what you are getting.

Since this has been released, Funko has announced the next Legion of Collectors mystery box. Next time I will be looking at the Women of DC box.


PREDICTIONS: Finally, the comic oriented box I’ve been wanting. How about an Oracle Funko Pop!? She comes with her wheelchair that has moving wheels. A t-shirt featuring the new DC Superhero Girls. Comic book that reprints the first issue of the George Perez Wonder Woman run. Diamond shaped Harley Quinn pin. A Catwoman patch with claw marks on it. For the other Funko product, a Batgirl nesting doll set. The largest one is Barbara Gordon Batgirl that opens up to Stephanie Brown Batgirl. Then she opens up to a smaller Cassandra Cain Batgirl. Then you open her up to find a Betty Kane Batgirl. Then she opens up to a tiny Misfit Batgirl? There will also be a card detailing how I predicted everything accurately.