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Continuing from yesterday’s part one,  https://detective651.wordpress.com/2016/07/18/villainous-grounds-part-1-the-comics/ , is my look at comic/coffee shop , Villainous Grounds.

Part one featured the comic shop aspect of the store. This post focuses more on the store’s coffee section. After selecting the comic books I wanted from the second floor, I returned to the first floor to purchase them and some coffee. The reason I had traveled to the store was the potential of reading some comics and enjoying some coffee in a pleasant environment. I was not disappointed.

The owner rang up my comics while training his daughter and explaining to her that the new Superman Rebirth volume was different from previous series. Yet another fun aspect of another volume of the core Superman title. Meanwhile, the owner’s other daughter prepared a hot chocolate for me and was very thorough in asking how I wanted it prepared. I’m not that picky about my hot chocolate, so I think I just said “yes” to whatever she recommended.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 7.49.01 PM

I then sat down and proceeded to devour my purchases. The hot chocolate I got was good. In retrospect, I probably wouldn’t have gotten so much stuff in it. It would probably be fine plain. It was good hot chocolate. Have to try it like that next time.

After I was reading awhile, I realized the “mood lighting” of the room wasn’t great for reading comics. I prefer a lot of light when reading. There were tables by the windows that I could have sat at that probably would have helped, but that would’ve meant getting up. This is a personal preference of mine and probably brought on by my dad chewing me out for reading in the car when it was getting dark out. When I was growing up, not like the other day. For a coffee shop though, it’s inviting and appropriate.

Drinking  a large hot chocolate while reading several comic books led me to having to use the facilities, where I saw:


Hygiene’s important, yo.

There are a lot of little touches around the store like this. Their Villainous Grounds logo is on the tables, merchandise, and their bags. (Which were nice and sturdy btw, good for carrying a lot of comic books. Something you think more comic shops would figure out.) It’s good branding and helps you remember the store. Also, it portrays the store as more professional. Even today, it’s rare to see a comic shop bother with branding to any degree.

I then decided to have a cup of their house brew. Now, I’m not a coffee snob. I rarely drink coffee to begin with. My main requirements for coffee are that it tastes good and is hot. The owner proceeded to tell me how they had selected the brew and all the different kinds they had tried. That’s fine. I’m sure there are coffee drinkers out there, and probably some of their customer base that appreciate that. Most of that is lost on me. Unless you tell me Juan Valdez grew this coffee, I don’t know what you’re talking about. What I took away from this was a store owner who cared about his product.

For me, the proof is in the cup. I returned to my table with my coffee. I got 1 sugar with it since that’s typically how I take my coffee. (I’m not going to type “that’s typically how I take it” because I’m not going to open myself up to that. Who am I kidding? That would mean someone’s reading this. For serious though, thank you both for reading.) The coffee was pretty good. After I finished reading some more issues I purchased a 1/2 lb. bag of the house brew to take back to work with me. My co-workers ended up liking it too.

Other thoughts:

The staff was super friendly and welcoming. They all wished me happy birthday.

Coffee was good and they have a lot more on their menu I didn’t try. They also had desserts.

Upstairs was a room selling work by local artists and authors.

They have several upcoming events and book signings by authors.

Definitely seems like there are two types of customers there. Ones coming for comics, and ones coming for coffee. Maybe that’s just how it seemed when I was there though.

Overall, this was a really nice store. I will definitely go back. I just wish they were closer so I could justify going over there and just hanging out more often.

Check out their site and go check out their store yourself. http://www.villainousgrounds.com/