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A couple of weeks ago, the Bring Back MST3K Kickstarter posted an update that revealed a new logo for the returning show. I was excited to see the update. Suddenly I realized that it had not crossed my mind that they would be changing the logo. In the back of my mind, I had assumed that they would be using the classic logo from the previous run of the show. With so many updates to the upcoming show, I’m not sure why this hadn’t occurred to me.

The post by show creator Joel Hodgson, detailed the creation of the original log and the thought process behind the new logo. Why hear it from me though? The update is available here. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mst3k/bringbackmst3k/posts/1623048

As most fans know the show debuted on local access station KTMA. With only a shoestring budget available to them, the logo first appeared on-screen as this:


It gets the job done and informs you of the show’s title. Also, it showcases the handcrafted aesthetic of the series. It was the first, not the best.

Later when the show moved to the Comedy Channel/Comedy Central, the logo was updated to the classic version we all know:


The “Spaghetti Ball” logo is what would come into our homes for 10 seasons. The letters are very similar to the KTMA version. Obviously, the big change is the sphere that rotated into view during the opening credits. Still present was the handmade/kitbashing style of the show.

As Hodgson details in his update, the logo was always supposed to be representative of a moon. Almost subconsciously, I realized that the logo was a moon, what with the gray color and the rotating and what not. However, everyone I know called it the spaghetti ball. Of course, no one literally thought that this was a gigantic ball of pasta, but that’s what we called it. Plus, it’s not like I had that many people growing up I could discuss the logo design of Mystery Science Theater 3000 with.

In the update, Hodgson seems to dislike the term “spaghetti ball”, but for me it was always a term of endearment. There’s also the possibility that I’m reading too much into that.

Now, we have been shown a mock-up of the new logo with a physical version to be created for the actual show.


Ok, clearly that’s a moon. Keeping the original lettering is a good move and helps tie it into the classic series. I really like the rougher, dirty, Xeroxed look of this. Not sure if that’s going to come through in the final version, but right now it’s alright.

One of my worries about the upcoming version is the show looking too “polished.” Hodgson addresses some of this in his post, but being too slick will really lose some of the uniqueness the original had. Looking at the show as a whole, it was as if the creators were playing on the same level as some of the bad movies they were critiquing. This helped lead to a “good-natured ribbing” aspect that kept the show from being too harsh.

Overall, I am really pleased with this version. This looks like another step in the right direction for the rebooted series. I’m still as excited for this as when they announced it.

Oh, and no, I’m not going to talk about this, and neither should you.

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