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This week the latest issue of Batman came out that continues the I Am Gotham storyline.


Oh yeah,


In the new issue #3, we are shown some of the backstory of new heroes, Gotham and Gotham Girl. Their origin, mirroring Batman’s own, concerns a couple walking down a dark alley with their son (future Gotham). However, this story ends differently with Batman showing up and saving them. Inspired by the rescue, the children grow up to emulate Batman, gain super powers, and return to their city intent on protecting it.


With more of their backgrounds explained, most of the suspicions surrounding these characters have evaporated. Whenever a super powered being shows up in Gotham, even under the cover of altruism, the expected move is for them to be threats.

With Hugo Strange clearly the villain behind this arc, there is surely a dark outcome for these characters. The heroes’ father relates to Batman that they traveled the world before returning with their new abilities. What are the odds that a deranged scientist bestowed these abilities on them abroad? Pretty good.

Therefore, it’s more than likely that their story ends tragically. Discounting the possibility that they are willing sleeper agents with sinister intentions, they could still be just that, only unaware. At some point, and after reading Batman comics for almost 3 decades I’ll say after Batman truly trusts and befriends them, they will turn on him. Whether willingly or not. Regardless of the specific circumstances, they eventually will fall, inspiring Batman to avenge them and defeat Strange. What are the odds of this outcome?




Yeah, so, pretty good.

Tragedy is an integral part of Batman’s character. To give him another cross to bear only strengthens him. This would also be an effective way to make Strange more of a serious threat early in the series.

Plus, no way are there going to be super powered heroes that can show up Batman in his own town. That’s science fact, folks.

Alternatively, with the Monster Men story on the horizon, there is also the possibility that their story ends with them changing into some sort of creatures.


Which one’s Gotham and which one is Gotham Girl?

Hopefully this story won’t devolve into Batman racing around Gotham City using a Bat-app to catch all the monsters.