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…but don’t tell me anything about it because I haven’t watched it yet.

For the last week I have had too many people ask me if I have watched this new, hit series available only on Netflix. Monday alone I had 5 co-workers throughout the day ask if I had seen this incredible show.

It turns out that the window for me watching this show is closing. Every person who tells me about how good this show is chips away at my interest a little more. Over time, more and more and more people will talk to me about it.

My casual interest in this show will deform into something darker. Any goodwill I have towards this series will callous over in an attempt to deflect any mention of this groundbreaking TV experience.

Eventually, I will not be able to hear anything else they say about it. My rage will drown out their words until I can only hear their screams.

This has happened before. Previously, it was Napoleon Dynamite. I had a slight interest in it, but once it came out on dvd, that was it. For two weeks straight, I had someone come up and start talking to me about Napoleon Dynamite, every single day.

To this day, I haven’t watched it because I got so sick of hearing about it. The constant one-liners and out of context references still burn in my ears.

For me, this is the flipside of marketing. If I see the same thing over and over again, I get sick of it. It’s not just movies. Recently, this happens with comic books. Books are promoted for months before they come out and by the time they end up on the shelf of my local comic shop, I’m tired of seeing them. With the resurgence of variant covers, I have found myself picking up alternate covers as opposed to the regular to alleviate this.

Also, with the tidal wave of superhero movies currently being produced, this has carried over to those as well. When Captain America: The Winter Solider was released I got tired of the multiple trailers that were being released. Eventually, I just want to see the movie. I’m going to see it, so don’t force it down my throat.

I’m fine with maybe two trailers for an upcoming movie. After SDCC this year and the plethora of clips released for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, I feel like I’ve seen half of the movie so far.

With Stranger Things, it’s only a matter of time before someone I interact with is going to spoil something for me. They’ll assume “he’s surely seen it by now” and ruin it for me. That will be the last straw. After that I won’t watch it. Thanks, anonymous acquaintance. Now I can never enjoy it.

Oh well, maybe I’ll watch it this weekend. It’s sure to be the best coming-of-age-alien-conspiracy-E.T.-meets-the-Monster-Squad-meets-the-Goonies-whatever-the-hell-this-show-is-supposed-to-be-about show ever made.