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Hey, I know I haven’t posted anything in a while, so if you’re reading this, thanks. Real quick: I had some plans for this blog that didn’t work out and I wanted to do something special for my 100th post (that’s this one).  Eventually, I realized that the topic of that post should be something that was special to me. “What’s special to me?” A YouTube channel that I discovered a few months ago.

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Comic Trips is the self-proclaimed “Best YouTube Channel You’ve Never Heard of.” The show recounts the adventures of Paul and Kat as they travel to various comic shops, conventions, flea markets, etc. All the while they search for comic books, toys, and other pop culture ephemera.

Most of my interests developed in ways that are now forgotten to me over time, but this one is recent enough that I can recall exactly how I discovered it. I’m detailing this here mainly for my personal benefit, so that when I get older and forget I will have this as a record. It’s my blog so whatev. A few months ago Kevin Smith (if you’re reading this, I don’t have to explain to you who he is) visited the Mile High Comics store in Colorado. He posted a walkthrough video of the store with owner, Chuck Rozanski. I have had a couple of dealings with Mile High online, but had never visited their physical store, so I was curious to see what it was like.

After watching the video, YouTube naturally brings up other videos you might be interested in viewing. I then started to watch a video by a YouTuber who was discussing Kevin Smith’s video. Now, this is the part I can’t remember. The channel I was watching THIS video on is lost to me and of course now I can’t find it again. However, the commentator was saying that Comic Trips also recently visited Mile High Comics.

“What’s Comic Trips?” I thought to myself. I looked it up and found a great new YouTube channel that I hadn’t known about. At the time, I believe they had 6 seasons available to view. Instead of just jumping to the episode where they travel to Mile High, I decided I should watch all of the episodes in order. This is what collecting comics for decades and being a completist gets you. Of course I then set about binge watching the entire catalogue.

Luckily, the show was great. Due to some personal circumstances of the last couple years I haven’t been able to travel to very many conventions and comic shops like I usually do. So, I was able to live vicariously through the duo of Paul and Kat as they journeyed to a plethora of comic shops and related events. (Yes I did just re-watch The Three Amigos the other night.)

In addition to just being a travelogue of their experience, the show is also a chronicle of their relationship. If I am remembering correctly (no guarantees), I believe they stated that they only dated for a short time before they started recording their trips. So you also get to see the development of them as a couple. This is a unique aspect to their show that adds a lot to it.

Other than just being a great reality style collectible show, there is another aspect to it that is really important to me. Paul and Kat’s enthusiasm for what they are doing is very endearing. After collecting comic books for nearly 28 years, sometimes you hit a rut in your hobby. Numerous events, reboots, and stagnant creativity takes it toll over time. Due to the monthly nature of comics it’s easy to coast along for quite a while just out of habit. There are books that I will always get automatically and there is always something that is “good enough” and like anything in life, you go through the motions at times.

Being a jaded collector of almost 3 decades can put a damper on your view of collecting, but that is not the case with Comic Trips. The energy they put towards their collecting feels genuine and not inflated like most reality shows. (I’m looking judgingly at you, Comic Book Men.) Now their burgeoning relationship is probably also a factor in this, but it doesn’t take away from the overall positivity of the show. Something that is in decline in the nerd community in general.

While watching Comic Trips, my own passion for collecting was revitalized. This year I  knew I would be able to attend some local cons and visit some more comic shops in my area. Suddenly, I couldn’t wait to go to some of the local conventions in my area, that were still months away. Now, I’m talking about small, cons with mostly local guests, not San Diego Comic Con. However, I was now pumped for the convention season to start and planned out my itinerary with my homie, Kreative Assassin. You can check out his blog here: http://www.kreativeassassin.com/

Over the course of the summer my homies and I have traveled to various local cons and shops and had a great time. We’ve found so many comics, toys, and various things and had a blast. Without Comic Trips I doubt we would be as gung-ho with our travels as we have been this year.


Yeah, this accurately describes how I’ve felt this summer.

The day I am posting this, July 24, 2017, is also the day that Comic Trips’ eighth season is to premier. So now would be an ideal time to jump in and check out the Best YouTube Channel You’ve Never Heard of.


And I do like Comic Book Men, so don’t be hatin’.