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While I’ve started writing on here again, I’ve also been sketching a few things intermittently. None of these are what I would call finished pieces. More like trying to work out a concept or exorcising and idea. Here are a few of the things I’ve been drawing.


This is a Superman costume concept. I suppose it’s inspired by J.J. Abrams’ Superman: Flyby script from several years back. I wondered what that suit would have looked like.


Similarly, here is an Aquaman costume. Not a huge departure just something I thought of and wanted to get down on paper.


Here is a Batman cowl idea. Batman’s eyes were originally drawn blank to imply that they were “glowing”. In 2017, with the conceit of lenses in his cowl, there is no reason that they can’t literally glow. The ridges on the neck are to imply a segmented armor piece. Also, with the invention of Vantablack, there is no reason for the dark segments of his suit to reflect any light. Hence, the lack of detail in the cowl with the exception of the eyebrows which I felt would be necessary to emote. John Byrne drew Batman’s black costume sections as a negative black back in the ’80s and Mark Buckingham drew some great eyebrows on him back during his run.


The announcement of Mark Bagely coming back to draw Venom inspired this. Venom: Lethal Protector is a great comic.


This one is an original character I drew awhile ago, called Slimekeeper. He’s more of a Masters of the Universe type character.


I was trying out a marker to see how it worked and so I drew this real sketchy Venom the other day. Real quick and I liked the way it came out.


Last, here’s another Batman. Not sure why I did this one. Probably thinking more about the eyes again.

Some of these have been posted on my twitter account previously, but I’m don’t think there’s too much overlap with my followers there and here so I decided I’d post these here also. I’ve also included some new ones here too.

Again, none of these are completed pieces. Not too much went into layout and preliminary steps so I’m aware anatomy/proportions are off in some. Mostly, this process is for getting a concept out of my head onto paper.

Let me know what you think here or on my Twitter account @detective651.