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Today I am discussing a piece I did recently that’s not going anywhere. A musician friend of mine wanted me to produce a logo for a side project he was working on. Here is the result:


The name was Gelatinous Cube Eats Village. As soon as I heard the name, I had the concept. I knew I wanted a cube to the be overall shape of the logo. Immediately after, I realized that the words should make up the shape. Changing the colors of the words would help identify them to readers easily. Also, the design would be easy to reduce to a one color design or multiple depending on what it was being used for. That is pretty much a requirement for all the things a logo is utilized for now. Unlike a lot of designs, this one had a clear road map to the finish. Rarely, is a design as fully formed in my head as quickly as this was.

That’s also the tragedy of this piece. When I showed my friend the logo, he had already determined that he would be using a different name for the project. There was nothing malicious about his decision and he honestly thought that I hadn’t started on it yet. He also really liked the above design and apologized.

Now, I am working on the new logo for him and it is going well. However, this will always be a favorite unused design of mine.