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I know this week has been art-heavy, so thanks for sticking around if that’s not your thing. Obviously, most people are here to read, but I find this to be a good forum for what I am working on day-to-day.

Here is a piece I did a few months back, before the launch of the Iron Fist Netflix show. You know, back when everyone knew it would be a good show, and surely not something they would just have to slog through to get to Defenders. I decided to improve upon Iron Fist’s dragon tattoo logo. How do you improve on it? The same way you do anything else, by adding Batman to it. (See: Lego)


I decided to do a mashup of Batman and Iron Fist’s emblems. Taking equal parts of each design, I came up with this. Immediately, the similarity of the wings struck me. I added the two ears to the dragon head to recognize the bat ears. The yellow of the Bat-symbol also reflects the yellow in Iron Fist’s traditional comic book costume.

This was just something I did for fun not a specific project or anything. I had the idea in my head and just wanted to figure it out in real life. It worked better than I thought it would honestly. Which is rare, because it’s usually so hard to fully realize something that pops up in your mind.

Feel free to comment here or @detective651 on Twitter. Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading.