Inktober 2017: Week 2


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This year I am again participating in Inktober, where the goal is to do a drawing everyday for the month of October. So far I have been able to keep up with doing one drawing every day in real-time. Here are my drawings for the second week of the challenge.




The theme for Day 8 was “crooked” and I can’t think of anyone more crooked than the Joker. I wanted to use red ink in the picture, for his lips. Then I decided the shot should be from Batman’s point of view and there could also be red blood as he beats the crap out of the Joker. I feel like this one turned out pretty much how I wanted it to.



For Monday, I wanted to follow-up the Joker with Venom. I really just wanted a stark, black and white depiction here. No shades of gray with an inkwash. I wanted him to have a slicker look.
DAY 10



“Gigantic” was the theme for Day 10. Therefore, I decided to draw giant actor, Rondo Hatton. While this is based on a photo of him, I tried to steer it in the direction of the characters he played. Specifically, his role in The Brute Man. For this I felt the inkwash was necessary to emulate the look of the black and white films he starred in.

DAY 11


For the theme of “run” for Day 11 I thought I would do a version of the Flash. Originally, I envisioned multiple after images of Flash with him kneeling in the foreground. In my head, it was more of a “inspecting a crime scene” pose, but morphed into more of a “rap album cover” pose. While I don’t have a problem with that, I should have leaned into it more if that was what I was going to do.

I drew this late that night after I had recorded a podcast. What I had planned for this would take more time than I had that night and I think it shows. Maybe later I will revisit this one.

DAY 12


After seeing multiple artists’ versions of Two-Face earlier in the month, I wanted to draw him too. I tried to picture how he could be posed and thought of him looking at his coin. I then realized that the side of the coin could be splitting his down the middle.

I drew the normal side of his face with markers that are easier to control, and the scarred side with brushes to get a looser look to it. For the shading on his fingers I used conte crayon which I thing works well with ink.

If you examine this drawing you will realize that Two-Face’s face could not be depicted this way literally as it would be stretched out. With the size of the coin in the front, I would have had to draw him with no nose, which would have looked weird. So, I chose to use some artistic license on this one and I’m pleased with how it came out.


DAY 13


On Friday, I watched the movie Hand of Death starring John Agar. Paula Raymond was his costar in this and so I chose to draw her for this day. I haven’t seen her in anything before but thought I could draw her reasonably well. I also realized I hadn’t drawn any women yet for Inktober so I thought this would be a good opportunity to.


DAY 14


To finish out the second week I drew Charlie Brown. With the news of the California wildfires wiping out Charles Schulz’s house and the museum being evacuated, the character has been on my mind lately. Also, I had picked up a Charlie Brown Funko Pop that day.

I did not strictly stick to Schulz’s model of Charlie Brown. I wanted to do my version of him and knew brushes would be the way to go. I reasoned it would be a good way to get the loose look of the characters that Schulz had.

That’s my drawings for the second week of Inktober 2017. Check back next time as I post a recap of what I did for the third week. Fingers crossed that I can keep up and not miss a day. Another reminder, if you want to see these drawings as I do them daily be sure to check out my Twitter account @detective651.

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