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Today I am looking at the first Marvel Legacy issue of Captain America with #695.




After writer Mark Waid, and artist, Chris Samnee’s run on Daredevil, there was no way I wasn’t going to pick this up. This is the title that caught my interest the most with Marvel Legacy. I couldn’t wait to check out their take on Captain America, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Following a flag-themed credits/recap page we are given a one page origin recap for Cap. Then, we are thrust into the middle of a fight that Cap had shortly after his return. Facing off against terrorist organization, Rampart, in a small town in Nebraska, Cap saves the day.

Cut to 10 years later (present day) and the town of Burlington, Nebraska now has an annual celebration dedicated to Captain America. Cap arrives in town in his civilian identity of Steve Rogers.

Steve interacts with the residents of Burlington at the fair and hears tales of his exploits as Captain America and what he means to the people there. Astonishingly, Rampart, the group from the flashback, have returned to seek revenge on the citizenry of Burlington. As to be expected, Cap makes short work of them and reveals that he had intelligence that Rampart was looking to strike again, and that was his purpose in coming to town.

The story ends with the townspeople thanking him for saving them once again, and Cap counters with an inspirational speech about how they are also heroes.

This appears to be a done-in-one tale, but the title on the cover reads “Home of the Brave Part 1.” On the last page it reads “the end”, so I’m unsure if this is one story or part of a larger one. Again, don’t confuse me if I’m reading part 1 or something else, Marvel. The letters page shows that he next issue features the Swordsman, so I feel like that is a new story.

At the end of the issue, there is a 3 page origin by Robbie Thompson and Valerio Schiti. While I have enjoyed these in the other Marvel Legacy issues, it seems out-of-place in this one. Remember Waid and Samnee did their own origin retelling on page one. While Thompson and Schiti take 3 pages to tell essentially the same information here.

The Marvel Value Stamp that is included with this issue is of Iron Man. I believe that the binders for these have now been released, but I’m still not sure what the endgame with collecting these are. Unless, Marvel assumed comic collectors really wanted to collect stamps also.

All in all, this is a great issue. Waid and Samnee together again telling a great superhero story. Plus, they are telling it about Captain America. When I was growing up, no one thought Cap would ever be a character that was “cool” or anyone would really care about. Not like they did other top characters of the day. The fact that Marvel has been able to turn Captain America into a meaningful character (and movie star!) over the past decade and a half is an accomplishment.

This will be a book that I continue to pick up, probably for the duration of Waid and Samnee’s run on the character.

Check back later for my take on another Marvel Legacy title.