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As I did with Halloween, here is my proposal for a Christmas themed Mystery Science Theater 3000 marathon to help you navigate the season and relatives.

5. Santa Claus #521


This Mexican produced Christmas movie is about little Lupita wanting a doll and her efforts to overcome none other than the devil, Pitch. Pitch later became a character on the host segments and would reappear on the Turkey Day marathon. Also, this episode features a disturbing look into Santa’s illegal surveillance practices. A good Mike episode that is perfect for the holidays.

As of now, this episode is available on Amazon video and is a part of Volume 16 of the dvd releases.

4. Jack Frost #813


What, this Russo-Finnish movie isn’t a CHRISTMAS movie you say? Look up above. Who does that guy look like? While not technically a Christmas film, the fairy tale plot and setting, along with a wizard (?) that has ice powers makes it appropriate for the day. Probably the second best of the Russo-Finnish movies featured on MST3K (only to The Day the Earth Froze), this is a solid episode from the Sci-Fi era.

I realize this is another Mike Nelson episode, but unlike the official Turkey Day marathons, and my Halloween list, there aren’t enough Christmas episodes split up among the hosts to alternate properly.

Jack Frost is available on Netflix, Amazon video, and on the 18th volume of the dvds for your viewing pleasure.

3. The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t #1113


Santa Claus and a lawyer versus an evil land owner in a Dickensian battle to save Christmas. Really, what else do you need in a holiday movie? With the newest season of the show, the creators had the foresight to produce another Christmas episode. Thankfully they did so we have this entry for host Jonah Heston.

Right now, this episode is only available to view on Netflix unless you supported the Kickstarter like moi and have other avenues open to you.

2. Space Mutiny #820


So, you were onboard with me for Jack Frost, but this is where you draw the line? This isn’t a Christmas movie? It’s about a mutiny in space? You know what else it is? A highlight of the Sci-Fi Channel years and one of the best episodes of MST3K ever produced. It also features Santa Grandpa above. How do you know it’s not an alternate future where Santa Claus becomes the savior of humanity shepherding them to a new home? Who else could power such a vessel?

Your new favorite Christmas episode is available to stream on Netflix, Amazon video, and dvd set volume 4.

1. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians #321


You know what this one is. Santa gets kidnapped by Martians and him and some kids get up to hi-jinks on the red planet. A staple of B-Movie cinema that would be lacking if MST3K hadn’t gotten their hands on it. Probably the most beloved MST Christmas entry, just for the concept alone. This has also been riffed by MST3K successors, Rifftrax and Cinematic Titanic.

You can wrap up your Christmas marathon with this one on Netflix and was a part of the dvd set Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Essentials.

Here’s hoping this Mystery Science Theater 3000 list makes a good marathon for you holidays.

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Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas!